Almost one billion people don’t have access to clean drinking water. Katie Sorene at Tripbase would like to help fund freshwater wells and raise awareness about this worthy cause. That’s why Tripbase has published the Best Kept Travel Secrets – a series of free e-books with more than 500 travel secrets from 150 top travel bloggers. The series contain 7 books and include travel tips, worldwide travel, family travel, beaches, foodie travel and more.

How you can help

For every person who downloads an e-book, Tripbase will donate USD 1 to charity:water, a non-profit organisation bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. (100 % of public donations directly fund water projects). If you would like to contribute, you can either

  • donate directly to Charity:Water here, or
  • download one or more of the free e-books by clicking on the badge below.

This is definitely a win-win situation: You’ll get heaps of travel tips for free, while at the same time helping to bring clean drinking water to those in need. So don’t wait: download an e-book – or better yet, all 7 – right now.

Psst – I’m sharing travel secrets in this one. On page 60. And 76. And 93. Click on the little badge below and come on over!

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