Dubrovnik Old Town

Imagine throwing open your bedroom window and seeing this view. That’s what we did (or rather, I did – the kids were usually asleep), every morning for an entire week. It’s been a few years now, nearly nine, actually. Gosh.

We stayed in the fabulous old-world Hotel Imperial just metres from Pile Gate and Dubrovnik old town. It cost a king’s ransom, but was worth it for the view alone. Just me with a cup of strong Croatian coffee, staring out the window for ages.

Dubrovnik is a beautiful walled city; its moniker Pearl of the Adriatic is well-deserved. It’s also extremely clean and well-kept. We spent several days in the old town, doing nothing but amble about the main street, Stradun, and all the little side streets and stairs.

We explored the 2 kilometres of city walls surrounding the old town, and all the towers and turrets along it. The rest of the time, we spent at outdoor cafes watching people and reading books while Cat slept in her stroller. This was October so the temperature was perfect and the crowd very manageable.

A few autumn days in Dubrovnik is hereby recommended.


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The Old City of Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
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