JFK, 18 Oct 2019


Friday tip on how to unintentionally make friends at airports.

Picture the scene: Airport security, pretty busy, couple hundred people in line. Finally my turn. I go through that machine where you raise your arms above your head – and come out with a yellow warning dot on the screen, which means I have to be checked more thoroughly.

Turns out the culprit is a support belt I’m wearing after surgery. Have to take it off and send it through the x-ray. Trouble is, I’m wearing a dress. Lady checking me: “Oh!” and “Hm… we’ll have to go in one of the rooms down there”.

Yeah, that’s going to take another age, so I’m thinking; oh, for f***’s sake. (Rather proud of myself for not saying that out loud.)

So I just pull my dress up and take the belt off, treating half of JFK to 10 seconds of me in stockings and underwear. There’s laughing and clapping, even from homeland security (who says they don’t have humour…), and me taking a bow.

Now in the departure lounge, people are coming over high 5ing and commenting. (90% nice/funny, 10% creepy.)

A few seconds of unexpected, folks. That’s all it takes 😂