Enigmatic Stonehenge

Many think Stonehenge is overrated. I don’t.

Stonehenge at dawn

Making arrangements to walk within the stones will make all the difference. Even if it means having to be there at 0500. (Waking the kids at 0400 was a struggle, but very much worth it). You can do this through a tour company or, as I did, apply for special access to the inner circle directly through English Heritage here.

Seeing the morning mist clear and the sun rise through the stones is pure magic. The idea that these stones have been here since times immemorial – what they must have witnessed. Atrocities in the name of religion, no doubt – but also love, hate, play, petty jealousies, generosity of spirit – through several millennia. Mindblowing!

Approaching Stonehenge in the morning mist

Stonehenge at 5am

Watching the sun rise

…and leaving

Others were here before – Victorian graffiti, better quality of work then, wasn’t it?


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Stonehenge is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites.
Here are more UNESCO World Heritage sites around the world.


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  1. Barbara Weibel 5 April 2011 at 0943 - Reply

    Never knew you couldn’t walk among the stones without special permission, so you probably saved me a future disappointment. Thank you for that!

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 5 April 2011 at 1030 - Reply

      @Barbara – Anyone could walk among the stones before, but after discovering serious erosion problem, the inner circle was closed in the late 70s. Today, you can only see the stones from a distance – it’s roped off and there are guards. Not quite the same, I think. The special access is very much worth the cost and effort.

  2. Andrea 5 April 2011 at 2328 - Reply

    Oh I don’t think it would be overrated at all. Maybe a little overcrowded but that’s true of all special places. Would love to go there!

  3. Hal Amen 6 April 2011 at 0551 - Reply

    Had no idea you could arrange to walk inside. Cool!

  4. Jason 10 April 2011 at 1811 - Reply

    Nice post, Sophie.
    The last time I was there was in the 80’s and it looks like the roped-off area then allowed closer inspection. A fascinatiing sight.

  5. Graham GlobalGrasshopper 17 April 2011 at 0105 - Reply

    A lovely opportunity to see the sun rise, surrounded by the incredible stones, and at that time in the morning very peaceful I guess!?

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