Many think Stonehenge is overrated. I don’t.

Stonehenge at dawn

Making arrangements to walk within the stones will make all the difference. Even if it means having to be there at 0500. (Waking the kids at 0400 was a struggle, but very much worth it). You can do this through a tour company or, as I did, apply for special access to the inner circle directly through English Heritage here.

Seeing the morning mist clear and the sun rise through the stones is pure magic. The idea that these stones have been here since times immemorial – what they must have witnessed. Atrocities in the name of religion, no doubt – but also love, hate, play, petty jealousies, generosity of spirit – through several millennia. Mindblowing!

Approaching Stonehenge in the morning mist

Stonehenge, morning mist

Stonehenge at 5am

Watching the sun rise

Stonehenge, England
…and leaving

Others were here before – Victorian graffiti, better quality of work then, wasn’t it?


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Stonehenge is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites.
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