Discover the age-old continent through these Europe travel stories, its curious, unsung places as well as its more familiar spots.

You may notice a few countries that may not traditionally be considered European. Europe’s borders are never easy to define. So I’ve decided to go by the old definition I learned in school: In the east, Europe ends at the Ural Mountains. That means the Caucasian countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia – are part of Europe, according to Sophie’s World. This is probably also according to the countries themselves: all three are members of the Council of Europe and cooperate with the European Union with a view to future membership. Also, all three countries participate in the Eurovision Song Contest; can’t argue with that.

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Latest Europe travel stories

Seven Stars: quirky lodging in Hay-on-Wye

Seven Stars In enchanting Hay-on-Wye, opposite the town clock, Seven Stars offers something quite unusual for a British B&B: a heated swimming pool and a sauna. My daughters enjoyed it so much, they refused to get out of the pool in the morning and I had to have breakfast by myself. Their loss. Russell Sime, owner and award-winning chef, serves [...]

Casolare di Remignoli: Family-friendly lodging in Tuscany

Casolare di Remignoli Lodging review: Casolare di Remignoli Located in the hills about 5 kilometres from San Gimignano, Casolare di Remignoli provides family-friendly lodging in Tuscany. This charming B&B is an ideal base for exploring Tuscany: Florence, Siena, Vinci, Monteriggioni and Volterra are all less than ½ hour away. Italian country roads, especially the small, unpaved ones, aren't always clearly [...]

Italian food (in Italy): is it all it’s cracked up to be?

I'll probably wax controversial now. So, lovers of all things Italian in Italy, it's only fair to warn you: brace yourselves. Up to now, the best Italian food I've ever had (in Italy) was a mini pizza I got from a street cart in Venice. Back then, I had the untrained palate of a 15-year-old. Yet nothing has topped this [...]

By |18 October 2009|Europe with kids, Food and drink, Italy, Sardinia|

Corsica: things to do in Bonifacio

33 million years ago, Sardinia and Corsica got unstuck. Sardinia is now approaching Italy. Meanwhile, the two islands still have common features. The dialect spoken in Sardinia's northern region Gallura, is similar to the one in southern Corsica. Bonifacio is now the only Italian town left in Corsica. It's a beautiful town with heaps to see and do. Corsicans aren't [...]

By |17 September 2009|Corsica, Europe with kids, Islands, Travel with children|

Sardinia. And Sardinians.

To get from Alghero to Corsica, we take a bus north to Santa Teresa di Gallura, then a ferry onwards to Bonifacio in southern Corsica. We have with us an inimitable guide, Marco. Along the way, we're treated to wonderful stories about Sardinia and Sardinians. Leaving town at 6 am to catch the 10 o'clock ferry, we drive through flooded [...]

Another quick stop in Paris

Coming back from the Channel Islands, we're make another quick stop in Paris. We stay at the Novotel Gare Montparnasse - surprisingly nice for a chain hotel. We walk heaps (best way to see Paris, of course) - in St Germain and the Latin Quarter, from Montparnasse to Champs-de-Mars and the Eiffel Tower. A longer walk than might be expected, [...]

By |24 August 2009|Europe with kids, France, Travel with children|

Channel Islands – Guernsey

After a rather rough crossing with choppy waters and queasy kids, we arrive in St Peter Port, Guernsey's diminutive capital. I meant to stay on Jersey and explore the other islands from there, but ended up booking a few nights in St Peter Port after my oldest daughter discovered The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, a lovely little [...]

Channel Islands – Herm

I'll say it straight up front. I adore Herm. Could even live here for a time. The off-season would surely be magical and just a little bit eerie. Just the kind of place to hang about while writing a book. Now I'm even more curious about the two remaining Channel Islands I haven't yet seen: Sark and Alderney. We're so [...]

Channel Islands – Jersey

I first visited Jersey about 20 years ago. Back then, the Bergerac TV-series were all the rage (about Jim Bergerac, ruggedly handsome sergeant of the Bureau des Étrangers). Hadn't really heard much about Jersey before that. Before leaving for the Channel Islands this time, I got some DVDs of that 80s TV-show and got my oldest daughter a bit hooked. [...]

Saint Malo

Our train from Paris Montparnasse to Saint Malo didn't exactly correspond with the Jersey-bound ferry (not the fault of SNCF, I hasten to add, but me for wanting to be absolutely certain we didn't miss the last ferry of the day). So, with a few hours to kill, we had a look around the medieval city of Saint Malo. Brittany [...]

By |19 August 2009|Europe with kids, France, Travel with children|

Paris with kids – a quick stop

Paris isn't part of the Channel Islands. It's not even very near. But Paris is where our Channel Islands adventure begins. Going through Paris with kids, now that wasn't my best idea. I should have researched options better, especially for travelling times. And prices. But last time I went to Jersey, about 20 years ago, this is how I travelled. [...]

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