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You may notice a few countries that may not traditionally be considered European. Europe’s borders are never easy to define. So I’ve decided to go by the old definition I learned in school: In the east, Europe ends at the Ural Mountains. That means the Caucasian countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia – are part of Europe, according to Sophie’s World. This is probably also according to the countries themselves: all three are members of the Council of Europe and cooperate with the European Union with a view to future membership. Also, all three countries participate in the Eurovision Song Contest; can’t argue with that.

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Latest Europe travel stories

Fuggerei: 500 years of social housing, uninterrupted (Day out Munich)

Doesn't this look cosy? This unique neighbourhood in Augsburg is separated from the rest of the city by a wall with 7 gates. Inside is 15 000 square metres with 8 straight lanes, a town square, pretty fountains, sculptures, two museums, a World War II bunker, a church, and trees and flowers everywhere. Most of all there are 67 nearly [...]

By |7 July 2021|Germany|

Wildlife in Norway’s Dovrefjell National Park and how to see them safely

As you travel between Oslo and Trondheim, you'll want to stop a few times. A short hike is just the ticket - good to move a bit, and at Hjerkinn you can also have a look at a very cool portal. Not a portal to another dimension, but to wildlife. Make sure you have time. And patience. Reindeer selfies We're [...]

World at a Glance: The legend of Khor Virap

A few years back, I was in Yerevan, looking to visit a land that must not be named. An email and a few phone calls, and I was offered a lift with pilgrims, a whole bus full: from Beirut, from Syria, from Quebec, from Iran, from Sydney - an intriguing sample of the Armenian diaspora. Lively folks, too, it turned [...]

By |25 June 2021|Armenia|

This one time in Norway (2.9 billion years ago)

Remember our little road trip across the Hardangervidda Plateau to see the new foot bridge across Vøringsfossen waterfall last summer? Well, Cat and I enjoyed the journey and the landscape so much, we decided to cross the plateau again. Returning from a quick visit to see apple trees in bloom along Hardangerfjord provided the perfect opportunity. Flowering trees, however... that's [...]

By |20 June 2021|cafes & restaurants, Norway, Reviews, Road trips|

Favourite Fjällbacka, by Instagram (mostly)

I have a few favourite places around the world. Or maybe not so few. But they include this little village just 12 minutes by ferry from downtown Auckland, where we lived when Cat was a baby, back in 2003. And this other little village in Cornwall, that I will write about soon. And home in Norway, there are almost too [...]

World at a Glance: Kate Moss in Oslo

Do you recognise her? Just like stumbling upon Frank Zappa in Vilnius, bumping into Kate Moss in Oslo is equally unexpected. But here she is, bikini-clad and larger than life. Kind of in your face - and a bit of a contortionist, our Kate. A mirror of ourselves, a knotted Venus of our age, says the creator, London-born artist Marc [...]

By |25 May 2021|Art and architecture, Norway, Quirky corners|

Walking with alpacas (Day out Oslo)

Remember The Emperor’s New Groove? Where Kuzco, the selfish Inca emperor is transformed into a llama by mistake, when his evil advisor Yzma gives him the wrong poison? My kids must have seen that film 100 times, and can quote pretty much every line in it. Well, today, we're taking a walk with a smaller - and even cuter - [...]

By |27 April 2021|Animals, Daytrip, Europe with kids, Norway|

11 things you’ll love in Iceland

Ice, ice, baby! Or rather, Iceland, Iceland, baby! Want to come along? Is this how you think Iceland looks? You are right - to an extent. This is Jökulsárlón, a big glacial lake at Vatnajökull, Iceland's largest (and Europe's second largest) ice cap. On the whole, though, Iceland is temperate. On the colder side of that scale, but temperate. I've [...]

By |31 March 2021|11 things, Iceland|

Bauhaus: a design revolution

Have you seen Babylon Berlin? It's one of my favourite series to binge during these times where all we have is time. The series is set in late 1920s Berlin and - despite the gloom and doom of those years - well, I just want to be there. Even for just a few days. As soon as Elon sets up [...]

Oslo – Bergen road trip: across the Hardangervidda Plateau

A road trip across Europe's largest mountain plateau is better suited to photos than to words. The landscape speaks for itself. Random roadside scene, summer at Hardangervidda Crossing the mountain from Oslo to Bergen, you can choose between several passes. The ones most frequently used, are the Hol - Aurland Pass, Filefjell, Hemsedal, Haukelifjell (briefly mentioned in this post), and [...]

By |14 February 2021|Norway, Road trips|

World at a Glance: The Cotton Palace at Pamukkale

It's January 2021, the januariest of them all. Final day of January, but still... It's long this month. It's cold, it's dark. Most noticeable this year, it's quiet. Quiet as the world after the apocalypse! Give me the opposite, please. A bright, sunny day on a (semi-)packed beach in the Yucatan sounds positively pornographic at this moment. But... we'll not [...]

Bergen beckons

Bergen is Norway’s best known city for visitors. And although I’m a Drammen patriot, I’ll happily admit Bergen is recognised for good reason, not least for its proximity to the famous world heritage-listed western fjords.King Olav Kyrre granted Bergen (then named Bjørgvin) city status in 1070, four years after he had seen his father, Harald of Norway, killed in battle [...]

By |13 December 2020|Norway, UNESCO World Heritage|
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