Is there a city in the USA more fitted to play naughty or nice than New Orleans? I don’t think so. And The Saint plays that particular game very well indeed.

Located on Canal Street, The Saint is just a stone’s throw away from the delightful French Quarter, without the disadvantages (read: noise) of actually being in the French Quarter.

This hotel manages to be sexy, chic and elegant, all at the same time. It is housed in the historic Audubon building, yet once inside, the lobby is sleek and contemporary: tall, lofty, all in breezy white, with lots of air. All innocent like.

Ah, but step to the side, just a little bit – and you can have all the drinks you require in Burgundy Bar. Far from minimalist, it’s all deep velvety red and leather here, including an over-sized armchair with room for two, and plenty of quiet little corners for two. Just as one would expect in a brothel bar. Add to that an old-fashioned, beautiful pool table, cool jazz, and a generous happy hour with yummy, creative cocktails half off.

What’s a kid doing in a place like this, you ask? Well, never mind that.

Heading to the lifts, you’ll notice a leather chaise lounge and a large spotlight, very 1950’s Hollywood – an atmosphere that continues inside the lifts. Then, everything becomes a blue dream in the other-worldly hallway leading to our room.

Funky New Orleans hotel rooms

Our room, well, what can I say: gorgeous, spacious, in indigo blues and crisp whites, with the old brick wall partially exposed. Exceptionally comfortable beds, a large flat-screen TV and dock for iPod and iPhone (a hit with the kids), easily accessible electrical outlets at desk level, free wifi and two sitting areas. Could throw a small party in there.

Here’s a curious little detail…

… the climbing man in the bathroom. Must be some significance to this – and I meant to ask at reception, but it always slipped my mind.


Breakfast at The Saint is worth a mention. Served in the restaurant Tempt in elegant surroundings, it’s a bit pricey but delicious, and just the right amount of food. Nothing offensively overindulgent about it (and no, I’m not being the slightest bit sarcastic, I truly dislike super-size portions).

See? This place isn’t only for adults.

The funky doubled-edged personality makes The Saint stand out. It’s a very unusual hotel. Now, the naughty/nice bit suggests it’s perhaps not aimed at families with children, but my kids didn’t give that a second thought. They enjoyed it heaps. And wherever there’s a pool table…

Disclosure: The New Orleans Conventions and Visitors Bureau hosted our stay in the Crescent City. As ever, we’re completely free to write about anything we want – or nothing at all.