Gaudi’s Parc Güell: a photo story

Parc Güell, Barcelona

As I write this, I’m on my way to Catalunya for a travel bloggers conference. If conferences don’t interest you, no worries, I’ll say no more about it today. Instead, I wanted to share a masterpiece of the outrageously creative Catalan architect Antonin Gaudi. I adore his structures, his unusual shapes, his vibrant colours, and am quite familiar with his best-known works: Parc Güell, and his unfinished cathedral, Sagrada Familia. This time, I’ll get acquainted with some of his other structures – and tell you all about it, of course. Meanwhile, here’s a long overdue photo story on Parc Güell. Enjoy!

Parc Güell, Barcelona

Parc Güell, if you’re not familiar with it, is a most wondrous garden. So wondrous, in fact, UNESCO has deemed it worthy of special protection and placed it on its World Heritage list along with six other works of the famed architect.

Parc Güell, Barcelona

Gaudi created Parc Güell in the period 1900 – 1914. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to time travel to, say 1912 for a stroll around here? Parc Güell is the kind of place that invites leaps of imagination…

Whether you’re here in 2012, or in an otherwordly 1912, don’t miss the details.

Parc Güell, Barcelona - detail Parc Güell, Barcelona - detail Parc Güell, Barcelona - detail

Parc Güell, Barcelona - detail Parc Güell, Barcelona - detail Parc Güell, Barcelona - detail

Parc Güell, Barcelona - detail Parc Güell, Barcelona - detail Parc Güell, Barcelona - detail

The mosaic salamander known as el drac, the dragon, might well be the most famous work in the park.
Parc Güell, Barcelona - detail

Parc Güell, Barcelona Parc Güell, Barcelona

Casa-Museu Gaudi

In the park is Casa-Museu Gaudi, a museum with furniture and other Gaudi-designed objects. It’s worth the EUR 5.5 entrance fee to amble about in the house that was once the home of this creative genius. For 20 years, Gaudi lived with his family in this house – until his heart-breaking and dramatic death in 1926. Gaudi was hit by a tram. He wasn’t too particular about his clothes, so assuming he was a beggar, people left him there unconscious, without coming to his aid. When he was finally brought to hospital, it was too late. He died two days later.

Casa-Museu Gaudi, Parc Güell, Barcelona

Parc Güell, Barcelona - detail Parc Güell, Barcelona - detail Parc Güell, Barcelona - detail

Parc Güell, Barcelona - detail

Have you visited Parc Güell? Thoughts on Gaudi?

unesco logo

Parc Güell is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site Works of Antoni Gaudi.

Here are more UNESCO World Heritage sites around the world.


42 Responses to “Gaudi’s Parc Güell: a photo story”

  1. ItalianNotes 19 September 2012 0913 #

    Ohh, I can never really get enough Gaudi. Thanks for the details. They’re lovely.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 September 2012 1630 #

      Thanks 🙂

  2. Spanish Translator @latinAbroad 19 September 2012 1549 #

    AH! You going to TBEX eh? So so jealous. I went to TBEX in North America this past June and, while I had tons of fun, TBEX Europe looks SO much better. So bummed I couldn’t make it this year ='(

    So! Barcelona… Absolutely love Gaudi’s work. I am a sucker for anything eccentric and architecture, so you mix the two and you get a very giddy Maria ;D beautiful pictures

    – Maria Alexandra
    the Nomadic Translator

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 September 2012 1633 #

      He’s certainly eccentric, isn’t he? Reminds me a bit of Hundertwasser in Vienna, the wavy lines, the organic living spaces… so interesting.

  3. This I would love to see! You’re pictures are quite lovely especially the little details. I’ll miss seeing you in Girona but am looking forward to hearing about your experience at the conference.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 September 2012 1634 #

      I think you’d like this park, Debbie.

  4. Leigh 20 September 2012 0129 #

    Parc Guell was our first stop when we were in Barcelona last year. I really couldn’t get over the place and fell in love with the designs. I also couldn’t get over the crowds on a weekend – it was busier than any place I’ve been to in years.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 September 2012 1635 #

      I was there in September last year, so not in the middle of tourist season. Nice and relatively quiet.

  5. Michael Figueiredo 20 September 2012 0320 #

    Parc Guell is one of my all-time favorite places. I love your photography…..It’s like strolling down memory lane. 🙂

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 September 2012 1636 #

      Thanks, Michael. A very memorable place it is.

  6. Mary @ The World Is A Book 20 September 2012 0832 #

    Love all the pictures especially the colorful details. We didn’t make it to Barcelona the last time we were in Spain but Parc Güell is at the top of the list. I would love to see all his work. Have a great time at TBEX!

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 September 2012 1637 #

      Having lots of fun here, thanks Mary.

  7. [email protected] 20 September 2012 0924 #

    Isn’t this park amazing! I couldn’t get over the imagination that Gaudi must have had. Your photos are fabulous- I love the details too. Thanks for another visit! Have fun at TBEX…very envious of everyone sounds like fun!

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 September 2012 1637 #

      Taking creativity to a new and bold level.

  8. Muza-chan 20 September 2012 0950 #

    Great photos, I love the place (^_^)

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 September 2012 1638 #

      Thanks, Muza-chan.

  9. Tonya @ The Traveling Praters 20 September 2012 1343 #

    I imagine you could spend forever appreciating the various designs and architecture- very beautiful. That second photo you shared was stunning.
    I am also hoping you share more about the travel bloggers conference!

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 September 2012 1639 #

      Will get back to the conference – and everything surrounding it 🙂

  10. Jackie Smith 20 September 2012 1556 #

    Love Barcelona and Gaudi is growing on me. . .maybe the next time, we will make it to this place thanks to your fabulous photos. Would have loved to have gone to TBEX, but by the time it was announced we had tickets to Italy. . .and frequent flier seats don’t switch real easily. Please do keep us all posted on the events in Girona.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 September 2012 1640 #

      Italy isn’t exactly pain and suffering either, is it…

  11. Lisa 20 September 2012 1813 #

    Beautiful photos – I love the mosaics! I’m hoping to get to Barcelona soon to see more of Gaudi’s work – everytime I see photos of it I want to go more and more. Have a great time at TBEX!!

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 September 2012 1641 #

      Lots on offer in Barcelona, Gaudi and heaps more.

  12. Lois 21 September 2012 0818 #

    very envious of everyone sounds like fun! I love the mosaics!Thanks a lot for sharing this kind of post..

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 September 2012 1645 #

      Hope you can make the next conference then 🙂

  13. Marlys 21 September 2012 1041 #

    What a sad story about Gaudi. I love the photos! That’s now the best way to get to appreciate what one can see in Parc Güell, via pictures. It’s so packed full of visitors nowadays.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 September 2012 1646 #

      Actually wasn’t so bad when I was there. Off-season and on a weekday.

  14. Andrea 21 September 2012 1257 #

    Love the close-ups of the mosaics! I would like to go to Barcelona again to see this place – I missed it the first time.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 September 2012 1647 #

      Quick weekend trip from Stavanger, perhaps? 🙂

  15. Michele @ Malaysian Meanders 22 September 2012 0623 #

    I visited Parc Guell ages ago and hope to bring my kids there someday. My memories of the place are still so vivid. I felt like I was strolling through a fairytale site. I especially like the Chamber of the Hundred Columns. Thanks for the pictures and the walk down memory lane for me.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 September 2012 1648 #

      This is definitely a place to bring the kids. I’m planning to take mine along next time.

  16. Steve 22 September 2012 0912 #

    Can’t say I totally understand the appeal of Gaudi. His art is a little too psychedelic for my tastes, but he certainly didn’t approach his work half-heartedly.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 September 2012 1652 #

      One way or another, few seem to be indifferent towards his work.

  17. Lauren 22 September 2012 1745 #

    I love this park, it’s such an interesting place. There’s a sort of round tunnel thing there that we recorded some music in, it’s got great acoustics. You take lovely pictures, by the way.

  18. Jenna 23 September 2012 0116 #

    Such a cool place, and I love your shots of the details of the tile work. I visited it in 1997 but haven’t been back to Barcelona since then even though I’d love to. I just feel a bit sorry for the people who live in Barcelona that they can’t really enjoy the park because it’s so crowded with tourists.

  19. D.J. - The World of Deej 23 September 2012 1355 #

    Great tour…one of my favorite places in the world…

  20. Jacob 24 September 2012 1622 #

    I love Gaudi’s work too; I think it’s hard not to. Just outside Barcelona on the C-32 towards Sitges you’ll also fine ‘Guell Cellar’ by the roadside. It’s one of his less famous works but certainly bares all his trademarks.

    Another even lesser known work is his Episcopal Palace in Astorga, Leon which we saw and wrote about.

  21. Reena @ Wanderplex 24 September 2012 1828 #

    I visited so many Gaudi sites when I was in Spain, including Parc Guell. They’re all so unique and amazing, and the park is definitely a playground for adults! Hope you have a great time at TBEX!

  22. Angela 25 September 2012 1934 #

    Wonderful photos, I stayed only one day in Barcelona and didn’t make it to Parc Guell, it will be for sure the first thing I visit when I go back!

  23. Kate 27 September 2012 1753 #

    Beautiful photos…seeing Gaudi’s work always sparks my imagination..what beautiful colors, materials, and architectural forms he made

  24. Abby 2 October 2012 0209 #

    Gorgeous photos! I love this park; I always said it reminded me of Super Mario Land. I haven’t been up there in years!

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 3 October 2012 1541 #

      Super Mario Land, that’s a new perspective. My 11-y-o might be tempted now 🙂

  25. Dean Whitling 20 October 2012 0716 #

    I just had lunch with a friend who has come back from Barcelona and was raving about Gaudi. I have spent some lovely time in this park myself and it never fails to amaze me. Thanks for the reminder.

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