Hole in the Rock, New Zealand

This week’s #frifotos* theme, waves, reminded me of New Zealand, specifically Bay of Islands, and the waves crashing into this very peculiar work of nature known as Hole in the Rock, or Motukōkak in the Maori language. Over time, waves have hacked away at the rock, creating this hole, a whopping 18 metres at sea level.

The girls and I spent a few days in the Bay of Islands when we lived in New Zealand and being on the water was always a highlight. If weather conditions are right, you can navigate right through the hole. They weren’t during our visit, but we did get pretty close. And we saw dolphins. Which, for kids, is even better than sailing through a hole.

Have you been in the Bay of Islands? Sailed through the Hole in the Rock?

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*#FriFotos is a weekly Twitter chat where travellers share their favourite photos. Each week has a different theme.