Home, 11 January 2017

What’s on my mind? Appreciation of the female reproductive system, and what a feat of engineering it really is.

So simple, yet so functional – with 3 main parts. (OK, I’m simplifying a bit here, there’s a few more – but today, we’re focussing on these):

  • the ovaries – without which none of us would exist; a veritable factory, trudging steadily on month after month, year after year; regular as clockwork (well, not mine; this body I live in has never had any respect for schedules; one of the many things I like about it. Keeps me awake.)
  • the fallopian tubes – where we’re all made and hang about for the first 5 days or so of our existence
  • and finally, the womb – that soft, warm and nurturing place for a tiny human to grow until it can stand on its own two feet (metaphorically, at least).

Actually, I’m going to add a fourth part:

  • the vagina – it can push out an entire human being, and sometimes more than one. It doesn’t get much bolder and stronger than that!


That’s it! Brilliant, bold, balanced, beautiful. Architecture at its best. We’ll keep it for Humans v2.0.

Your Maker