O’Hare, 28 October 2019

Not exactly my commute: Dashing through the… airport

Sprinting through O’Hare like Kevin’s mom, all offspring accounted for (not here), only to discover I’ve lost the ability to read printed boarding cards – and have an entire hour to kill. So here are a few facts for you, folks, for which I’m sure you will be eternally grateful:

1. United is less awful than its reputation (and in my memory). Not a lot less, but still… #babysteps

2. On the plus side, ORD has Auntie Anne’s hot pretzels with cheese sauce (90 kcal)

3. If you’ve read this far, imma reward ya with the opportunity to win a prize if you can tell me who uttered these immortal words: «She’ll want Raisinets. So we’re looking at 75 bucks».

(The price of the prize was less than 75 bucks. Not a lot less, but…)