The old port town of Ebeltoft is a summer favourite. But is it great only in summer? Our little blogger collective travelled to Denmark to find out.

Turns out the little town with the cobbled streets and medieval houses is sweet also in December. During Advent, Ebeltoft changes into a Christmas town, all decked out in festive finery, and with weekend Christmas markets on board the Frigate Jylland. But where to stay?

Where to stay in Ebeltoft in December

May I suggest a stay at Langhoff & Juul boutique hotel. Right on the windswept seashore.

And while we’re at it, see the little jetty there?

Be as tough as a Viking, walk out and hop in the sea for a refreshing wintry swim in 7°C. Come on! That’s warmer than in your fridge.

Not for you? Not for me either, as I’ve a lingering (and very annoying) case of bronchitis going on. But no worries. It’s nice and toasty indoors.

You may have heard of Langhoff & Juul in Aarhus. You may even have visited this gorgeous restaurant. Here in little Ebeltoft, the same folks have opened a restaurant and a boutique hotel, as they call it.

Hm… boutique hotel. You expect something small and intimate, don’t you? This vast property looks anything but. From the outside, it reminds me of a motel, one of those you find along the highways of the US and Australia, with individual entrances to every room for quick’n’easy access. There are loads of large, free parking spaces. (I can just see you jump up and down and cheer, travel savvy American readers, who know only too well that is not to be taken for granted anywhere in Europe.)

That there is my terrace. Jolly place for a glass or two of chilled Chablis in summer, not so much on this very windy winter afternoon.

Langhoff & Juul: the vibe

So where does boutique come in? Let’s have a look at the definition (or at least, a definition) of boutique hotel. This is what the peeps over at TripSavvy have to say:

  1. It should be petite: Hm… wouldn’t call this long, low building petite. But hang on, size refers to number of rooms. Not much more than 100 rooms. Langhoff & Juul is well inside the def, then – with only 35 suites and apartments. It’s just that the rooms are huge. Can’t fault that.
  2. It should have a strong personality, with a heady ambiance, an independent attitude, and not a corporate feel: Yep, absolutely nothing feels corporate about this place. Heady? We’ll call it cosy. Or hyggelig. We’re in Scandinavia, after all.
  3. It has a contemporary vibe and a quirky, modern spirit, not stuffy, often with bold colour splashes: Yep again, very contemporary, spacious, airy, non-stuffy. Lacking the bold colour splashes, though.
  4. It’s rich in local flavour, with a spirited ambiance to suit its lively location: It does suit the seaside.
  5. It focuses on food and beverage: That’s pretty much their forte. We’re talking Langhoff & Juul, folks. Restaurateurs extraordinaire.
  6. It’s friendly to four-legged travellers: Nope; no rooms available for dogs at the moment.

Inside the lobby all is calm, all is bright – and Michael Bublé is singing Cold December Night. I’m just gonna go out on a limb and admit it’s my fave Christmas song. Please fall in love with me this Christmas.

We don’t try Langhoff & Juul’s famous fare, as we have dinner reservations in a medieval building in town, but we do sit down by the cosy fireplace and order drinks. No drinks menu here, as the bartender makes whatever we want, a walking bar menu himself. (Now there’s a sign of a boutique hotel). The homemade gløgg (Nordic glühwein) is delicious and comes with equally delicious (and complimentary) homemade biscuits. (Another sign).

Langhoff & Juul: the rooms

The rooms are newly renovated (2019) and large, with suites at 40 m², and apartments at 80 m². All rooms are family-friendly, and all face the ocean. The design is Nordic minimalism. Very little clutter.

My suite sleeps 2 in the room, and another 2 up at the loft, perfect if you have kids along. The bathroom is more than adequate, in delicate soft greys and whites, and has lovely bath products. Additionally, there’s a well-equipped kitchenette, and spectacular views.

Langhoff & Juul: breakfast

The dining room is perhaps a bit uninspiring. That splash of colour? Wouldn’t be wasted here. But food is the most important, I think we can all agree.

Breakfast room pic by Alltid Reiseklar

When we visited, the chef was off-duty so we had a small, but tasty breakfast buffet, with cereals, boiled eggs, yogurt, cheeses, vegetables, fruits and dates. The full breakfast also includes eggs & bacon & sausages and basically the whole nine yards. Everything is organic.

Brekkie pic by Alltid Reiseklar

What I especially liked about Langhoff & Juul

  • Ocean views in every room
  • Handpicked Danish design furniture and artwork all about the place
  • Balconies in all rooms and an additional terrace in some rooms
  • Cosy lobby area with a crackling fireplace
  • Friendly staff
  • Bartender who is a walking bar menu, fixes anything you want, and gives you complimentary homemade baked goodies with your drinks
  • Great location, right on the ocean, next to the frigate Jylland and just a short walk from the cobbled, old centre of Ebeltoft
  • Organic, tasty breakfast
  • Fast, efficient wifi everywhere
  • Lovely bathroom, lovely bath products
  • Useful, well-stocked kitchenette
  • Ample parking spaces – and free
  • And did I mention, spectacular ocean views…? In every room? Oh yes, I did.

What to know

  • Somewhat unusually for Scandinavia, breakfast is not included in the room price. Full breakfast costs an additional 145 kr.
  • Limited opening hours at reception: (Mon – Sat 0800 – 1500; Sun 0800 – 1300)
  • Can’t bring pets

Full specs can be found here.

SAS flies you quickly and comfortably to Aarhus from many Scandinavian and European cities. We travelled from Oslo to Aarhus in 45 minutes.


Disclosure: I’ve been in Denmark more times than I can count, sometimes for work, sometimes for pleasure, usually for both; sometimes at the invitation of someone else, sometimes on my own dime. This time, our sprakling collective – The Nordic Escape, Alltid reiseklar and yours truly – were guests of Visit Aarhus and SAS. Every word, every thought, every opinion: mine, all mine. As always, as ever.