Update: busy traveller, lazy blogger

Blogging update

I’ve been an exceedingly lax blogger lately. That’s cause I’ve been travelling, you see. And taking notes. But I’ve not transferred the notes to any electronic medium yet. A few resolutions: I shall get:

– out of the 20th century,

– rid of pen and paper, and

– a portable, small, lightweight pc.

Travel update

Since April, I’ve been a busy traveller, investigating the few remaining countries in Eastern Europe I hadn’t seen, all fascinating in their own way. I’ve visited:

  • Macedonia – the country still grieves the loss of their young Eurovision Song Contest hero Tose Proeski.
  • Kosovo – that fledgling nation who, I’m sure, would like to have Bill Clinton as their leader – or even god.
  • Latvia – stayed with Diga at Homestay in Riga. Nice place.
  • Moldova – with fab archaeological finds and cool monasteries in Orheiul Vechi and lots of life in chic Chisinau.
  • Transdniestr – back in the USSR. 
  • NorwayTrondheim, city of the viking king – again.
  • Denmark – twice: Copenhagen for business and Legoland for pleasure. Cat’s pleasure, that is. I’m a little tired of those building blocks, genious toys though they are.

Articles will follow – just as soon as I find myself a little pc. And before the kids and I take off for our first explorations of mysterious Wales next Monday. Keep y’all posted.



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