As the year draws to a close, for the year-end self-indulgent post that we bloggers do, I thought I’d share our 15 most popular Instagrams in 2015. It’s no secret I adore Instagram; I think it’s my favourite social media platform. (Although Pinterest is a potential contender for the title – I plan to learn and play more with it in the year ahead.)

The 15 most popular Instagrams in 2015 on Sophie's World

Why do I like Instagram so much? Well, a picture easily paints 1000 words, doesn’t it? And then, there’s the instant part. I like sharing photos on the go, which is why all my Instagram photos are shot with my phone. That said, they’re not always entirely instantaneous. I prefer just posting one photo a day, occasionally two. Also, I prefer to post photos in series of three from each location. That has to do with Instagram’s gallery layout – three across. There’s just something orderly about it that appeals to me.

However, these two Insta-habits of mine mean the photos can’t always be instant. Here’s an example: I was in Fjällbacka a few days ago – just for the day. I wanted to publish three photos, but instead of posting all on that particular day, I did it over three days, thus delaying the ‘insta’ bit somewhat.

Also, this year I’ve visited countries that either doesn’t allow Instagram (China) or doesn’t have Internet access at all (North Korea). That means photos from those two countries were posted after the fact, as latergrams, in Instaspeak.

Enough about my (admittedly slightly obsessive) Instagram behaviour – let’s get on with it. These are the 15 most popular photos on the Sophie’s World Instagram account in 2015 – and why not start at the top.

1. Manarola, Italy

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Cinque Terre: lovely even when overcast.

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2. Kingston-upon-Thames, England


3. London, England

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Overcast London: Westminster

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4. Lübeck, Germany

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Really like the brick-Gothic architecture of Lübeck.

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5. Bremen, Germany


6. Riomaggiore, Italy


7. Genoa, Italy


8. Manarola, Italy


9. Torp, Norway


10. Hamburg, Germany


11. Fjällbacka, Sweden

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A little more from lovely Fjällbacka.

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12. Malbork, Poland


13. Dubai, UAE


14. Lübeck, Germany


15. Oslo, Norway

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A Grünerløkka fave and probably Oslo's only cocoa bar.

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Do you have a favourite?