neum bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a landlocked country. Except here at Neum. This little stretch of land along the Adriatic is the country’s only access to the ocean. If you’ve ever taken the bus from north to south in Croatia, along the Adriatic highway, you may have seen the drivers hop off the bus and load up on ciggies and drinks, as prices in Bosnia and Herzegovina are much lower than in Croatia.

And if you’re looking for a reasonable stay in this area, this little town is a good choice: Neum is only a short distance from beautiful but pricey Dubrovnik, evocative Mostar and the peculiar pilgrimage town Međugorje. Neum has a number of pensions and resort hotels. When we stopped by a few years ago, the majority of the guests were mostly Bosnian and Croat families. A pleasant little surprise along the coast here.