Norfolk Island, that little paradise in the Pacific, was brought to my attention again a few days ago, when a New Zealander pleaded guilty to the murder of a young Sydney-woman on the island nearly five years ago. A dramatic event for the little island, as there hadn’t been a reported murder for 148 years.

In sharp contrast to this, is the island’s more remote past. The island was first settled as a home for one of Britain’s most brutal penal colonies. Later, the Bounty-folks moved in when Pitcairn proved too small. All in all, a surprisingly exciting little place.

The girls and I visited a few years ago – and we all adored it. We almost wished we had lived there for our 6-month Pacific jaunt. Although, 6 months on a small island… well, it would require some sort of project, I think. Like writing a book.

Norfolk Island is certainly high on my list of places to come back to. In fact, I’ll get my notes together and write a travel story about the island very soon.

If only it weren’t so far away……