Oslo and Copenhagen are both in the headlines these days; Oslo for being the venue of the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony on 10 December, and Copenhagen for hosting the United Nations Climate Conference 09 on 7 – 18 December.

Oslo and Copenhagen

Oslo’s Frogner Park and Copenhagen’s Tivoli

The question is, where will Obama be? In Oslo to receive his Peace Prize? Or in Copenhagen to help fight for the environment?

Earlier this month, Erik Solheim, Norwegian Minister (Secretary) of the Environment, said it’s more important that Obama attend the Copenhagen Conference. (Newspaper article in Norwegian only). Well said, Erik! I agree! If he had to choose one or the other.

Of course, he could easily do both. These two Scandinavian capitals are only a 50-minute-flight apart. Or an environmentally-friendly 7-hour train journey.

I recently wrote the article I Heart Oslo for National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel blog. In the interest of fairness, here’s I Heart Copenhagen written by none other than my oldest daughter Alex, who is currently studying at the University of Copenhagen.