Ah Greece! Looking out my window this grey November afternoon, with the heat not properly working yet in my new office …sigh. One can always dream.

‘Hang on’, you ask… ‘that photo above, where is the azure Aegean sea? The white-washed houses with blue domes? The absurdly photogenic felines stretching in the noonday sun? In fact, that photo… isn’t that, well, Paris?’

No no no, my dear. This is Greece. Corfu to be specific – one of my favourite Greek islands, and quite different from the others (the ones I’ve seen, at least).

Old town Corfu: Greek, Venetian, Parisian…

It’s also the only one where I like strolling around the capital city even more than the beaches. There’s a distinct Venetian influence in Corfu, particularly in the old city. But then there’s the Liston. Although this cafe-lined colonnade is an example of Italianate architecture, I’m instantly brought to Rue de Rivoli.

Greek, Venetian, Parisian… such a lovely combination

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Old Town of Corfu is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Here are more UNESCO World Heritage sites around the world.