Augsburg, Germany 24 September 2017

The GPS-girl and I are developing something of a habit; crucial in every relationship. Here’s how it goes when we get off the Autobahn and onto local roads:

  1. She leads me astray
  2. I grumble and snarl
  3. She calmly (maybe even icily) tells me to make a u-turn
  4. I calmly (and very definitely icily) suggest a few things she can do with her u-turns
  5. About 30 km of peace and quiet
  6. Repeat 1 – 5

PS In all fairness, she sometimes leads me to the most stunning spots. Hadn’t it been for her, I would never have stumbled upon this early morning scene on the outskirts of a town called Schwetzingen. Never even heard of Schwetzingen.