Oslo has a new opera house – and the city looks beautiful today! Spring is finally here – no teasing this time. I’ve worn sunglasses for the first time this year. For the next few months, this is the best place to be. Best in the world. Honest! Totally objectively speaking, of course! Clothes come off, smiles and laughter on. Everyone will be outdoors as much as humanly possible.

The new Oslo Opera House, April 2008

A new opera house – for the people

The new Oslo Opera House opened last weekend – with fireworks and royalty all around. Creators of this fabulous building are the architects at Snøhetta (of Alexandra Library fame). Appropriately, up here near the Arctic, it looks like a huge ice floe sliding out into the Oslo Fjord.

This is an opera house for the people, meaning there’s open access for everyone, including the roof. Especially the roof! Already, people are all over the roof, all the time. I’ll be climbing it at first possible opportunity, myself – and maybe slide back down. Only kidding, I’d slide right into the fjord. Gorgeous spring weather notwithstanding – the water is icy cold.