Ostermalms Saluhall – Slow Food in Stockholm

If you’re a travelling foodie and you happen to be in Stockholm, a stop at Saluhallen Market in the hip Ostermalm neighbourhood (or Östermalm, which is the proper Swedish spelling) will be a highlight of your visit. Fish, meats, vegetables, cheese… a veritable fresh food feast – all locally grown and responsibly sourced. It’s all about slow food in Stockholm.

slow food in Stockholm

This may look like a fortress, but don’t be deceived. Since its opening in 1888, Ostermalms Saluhall has been a food lover’s nirvana. It has also been a place to observe Scandinavian egalitarianism in practice. Chefs from the Royal Palace queued with everyone else at the popular stalls.

Saluhallen, Stockholm

Saluhallen, Stockholm

Saluhallen, Stockholm

Saluhallen, Stockholm

17 small businesses operate at Ostermalms Saluhall, most have been run by the same family for generations. The vendors are happy to share their extensive knowledge and experience, so go ahead – ask about food preparation, recipes, how to put together a menu…

Saluhallen, Stockholm Saluhallen, Stockholm

Saluhallen, Stockholm

Saluhallen, Stockholm

Ostermalms Saluhall has been named the world’s seventh best food market by the award-winning Bon Appétit Magazine, in competition with the likes of Tokyo and Budapest. No surprise then, that Jamie Oliver loves it.

Looking through my archives, I see I have given very little attention to Norway’s eastern neighbour. Only right then, that I’ll be joining my friend Laurel’s Food Friday with this Swedish treat.

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32 Responses to “Ostermalms Saluhall – Slow Food in Stockholm”

  1. Lisa 25 November 2011 0427 #

    Nirvana may be an understatement! We spent one day in Stockholm on a Baltic cruise and loved the city – can’t wait to go back and explore more.

  2. Stephanie 25 November 2011 0429 #

    Oh, it looks great! I love big markets like that.

  3. ItalianNotes 25 November 2011 0810 #

    Copenhagen has just opened a posh covered market, but I have to admit Sweden does it better.

  4. Laurel 25 November 2011 1240 #

    I love discovering food markets and I love the idea of standing in line with chefs from the royal palace. I’m sure they could share some good tips.

  5. Jarmo @ Arctic Nomad 25 November 2011 1818 #

    Been plenty of times in Stockholm, but never ended up at Saluhall, might have to check that next time around there. The selection looks and sounds pretty good!

  6. Anne-Sophie Redisch 25 November 2011 1820 #

    @Lisa – Stockholm is very pretty.

    @Stephanie – It’s a big market, but very easy to get around.

    @ItalianNotes – Look forward to browsing that new one in Copenhagen.

    @Laurel – Wouldn’t that be something. “This is how the Queen likes her salmon souffle…”

    @Jarmo – love getting comments from fellow Nordics here.

  7. Leigh 25 November 2011 1824 #

    Seventh best market in the world – that says something. There are farmers markets here but none in the beautiful buildings where you find the markets in Europe. Any good ones in Oslo?

  8. Lucia 25 November 2011 1918 #

    Oh! I wish we had known about this slice of heaven during our trip to Stockholm this past summer. We had a great time eating in Sweden. We were lucky to be there for a summer crawfish party and loved all of the berries, jams, polar bread, herring, and shrimp salads. Yum, yum, yum.

  9. Jan Ross 25 November 2011 2354 #

    A cruise of this area is way up on my “wanna see” list and I would love to check out this market. We just spent time at a similar food market in St. John, New Brunswick and loved it. Took time fresh maple syrup and maple syrup candy – yum!

  10. Anne-Sophie Redisch 26 November 2011 0003 #

    @Leigh – Oslo has quite a few seasonal markets, weekend farmers markets and the like, but not a permanent, indoors one like this.

    @Lucia – Summer really is a lovely time up here – long, white nights, perfect temperature, outgoing people…

    @Jan – Sadly missed the market in St John when we were there. Would absolutely have bought maple syrup goodies, too.

  11. Michael Figueiredo 26 November 2011 0534 #

    What a pretty market. I love the exterior!

  12. jenjenk 26 November 2011 0608 #

    what an amazing array!! i never associate sweden with a food paradise, but it really does look wonderful!

  13. inka 27 November 2011 0354 #

    I love the combination of food and great architecture. Reminds me a little of Harrods Food Hall in London.

  14. Mark Wiens 27 November 2011 1648 #

    That’s the exact kind of place that I’d love to hang out at! I really like that castle fortress appearance too.

  15. David @ Malaysia Asia 28 November 2011 1430 #

    Very nice. I miss European markets like these as they are so organized and clean. I can only hope that Southeast Asia takes after these styles one day.

  16. Anne-Sophie Redisch 28 November 2011 1608 #

    @Michael, Jen, Inka, Mark and David – thanks for reading 🙂

  17. fotoeins | Henry 28 November 2011 2029 #


    What wonderful timing I found your post about Stockholm’s Saluhall!

    I had also timed last Friday’s post about eating at Lisa Elmqvist in the Saluhall with Laurel’s FoodFriday post. Today, I was wandering about, and I found your post, where you’ve described the Saluhall far better than I could have imagined. But at the end of the day, I’m sure you’ll agree that more people should visit and see this place and sample the food.

    Thanks again for the photos and your post!

  18. Jade 28 November 2011 2124 #

    OMG- so hungry right now! And that castle has a creepy but cool vibe to it.

  19. Anne-Sophie Redisch 28 November 2011 2319 #

    @Henry – What a fun coincidence! Will have a look at your post now 🙂

    @Jade – Cool, isn’t it? In a Harry Potter-kind of way 🙂

  20. Shonda @ Abundant Journeys 10 December 2011 0155 #

    Making our rounds from the Carnival of Cities. Your photos of the marketplace are fantastic. Making me a bit hungry right now too. We have yet to make it to Stockholm. It is now on our list. Cheers!

  21. Eileen Ludwig 20 December 2011 0704 #

    It is midnight as I write this and you have made me hungry – fun pictures to help me travel with you

  22. Anne-Sophie Redisch 20 December 2011 1352 #

    @Shonda and Eileen – Hope you found something good to eat 🙂

  23. Shonda @ Abundant Journeys 22 December 2011 1638 #

    I think I have found one too many good things to eat this holiday season. 🙂

  24. Marcia 5 July 2013 0322 #

    Everything looks so fresh! Not the building I’d expect to find food but I like that some of the vendors have been there for generations and they’re helpful with advice.
    Thanks for linking up!

  25. Mike 18 September 2013 0928 #

    Sophie, these photos are fantastic as you captured so many of the colors in that gorgeous market. Those are “dangerous” places for me because I will ask for samples over and over as long as it doesn’t become rude. I enjoyed this!

  26. Cathy Sweeney 19 September 2013 0041 #

    Looks like a fabulous market and I have high standards. 🙂 Nice that the vendors are so friendly and willing to spend time to talk. What a cool building, too!

  27. Neva 19 September 2013 0401 #

    The market looked so clean and unending. Thanks for taking me along through your colorful pictures. I felt like I was there and can’t wait to actually enjoy it too.

  28. Marcia 20 September 2013 1814 #

    Food Nirvana is right! I’m hungry all over again.

  29. Marcia 20 September 2013 1827 #

    Thanks for linking up this week, Sophie!


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