The annoying necessity of house maintenance

In 2008, I spent as much on fixing up my bath as it would cost to go to Antarctica for all three of us – including visiting South Georgia and the Falklands – and even a bit of Patagonian exploration on the side. Is owning a house worth it? I bought years ago, when prices […]

Boating up the Nile

Travels of 2008 – and plans for 2009

Travels of 2008 – many old faves plus some new countries: Macedonia, Kosovo, Moldova, Transdniestr, PEI, Wales, Isle of Man, Srpska and more.

Like to stay in a luxury hotel at hostel prices?

Leading Hotels of the World is celebrating its 80th birthday this year, offering luxury rooms for USD 19.28. A luxury hotel at hostel prices?

ancient observatory

Ancient observatories seen from space

This week, my attention was drawn to this website about GeoEye’s IKONOS satellite. The article lists 10 interesting examples of satellite views of ancient observatories from around the world. With 7 or 8 of the 10 in the Americas (depending on how you’d classify Easter Island), I wouldn’t be so quick to call it “around the […]

Update: busy traveller, lazy blogger

Update: I’ve been a lax blogger lately. Been travelling, you see. And taking notes, but not transferring them to any electronic medium. Yet.

Opera House, Oslo, Norway

The Opera House on the Fjord

The Oslo Opera House opened last weekend – fireworks and royalty all around. Architects of this fabulous building is the team at Snøhetta.

Valdres and the airport of heavenly peace

The little airport in Valdres is known as The place of heavenly peace. It’s beautifully located near heaven. And there’s little traffic.