Reminiscing about the Croc man: Here’s to you, Steve Irwin

I was about to write a post about Girona, but the news about the Crocodile Hunter made me want to reminisce about another journey instead. For all his antics, it’s sad that such a presence, such energy, just stopped being. Three years ago, I lived in New Zealand with my children. While there, we spent […]

Carcassonne tomorrow

Earlier this month, I read Labyrinth by Kate Mosse (that’s not Kate Moss – at least, I don’t think it is – but she must get that a lot), set partly in the early 1200s and partly today. I thought the book was half very good (1200s) and half so-so (present). The best part was […]

City of the Viking King

Just returned from Trondheim – or Nidaros, as the old Viking king Olav Trygvasson called it. Trondheim is Norway’s ultimate party city mostly because it’s home of NTNU – the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where my oldest daughter has just begun studying archaeology (funny how I can have an 18-year-old and still be […]

Welcome to Sophie’s World!

Welcome to Sophie’s World, a new blog about the world’s curious and often unsung corners. And travel with children. Here’s more about the blog and about us. Mount Gaustatoppen, Telemark