Travel photo – Norwich Market, after hours

Norwich Market
Norwich Market, after hours.

I like wandering through markets after hours. There’s something desolate and slightly ghostly about it. The next morning, everything is back in full swing. Yet, at night – or even in the late afternoon, as here in Norwich – the closed stalls has a very different feel.

I wonder if it felt the same in the 11th century. That’s when Norwich Market, or Norwich Provision Market, was founded. It has been in operation at the same site ever since.

Where is Norwich Market?

  • Norwich, Norfolk county, England
  • About 2 hours by train from central London




21 Responses to “Travel photo – Norwich Market, after hours”

  1. Muza-chan 20 October 2011 1049 #

    Beautiful, I like the colors 🙂

  2. Laurel 20 October 2011 1325 #

    Now that is old. Love the colors.

  3. Denise 20 October 2011 1417 #

    I really love when a place is colourful! I find it just lifts people’s moods

  4. Jackie Smith 20 October 2011 1607 #

    What a great photo – capturing market colors after it has closed. Great idea. . .I’ll be keeping my eyes open for such shots.

  5. Sabrina 20 October 2011 1741 #

    How neat that they are all in different colors!

  6. Vera Marie Badertscher 20 October 2011 1843 #

    Terrific–a market that is colorful even after hours.


  7. Great colors! Somehow they remind me of the little building on beaches to rent umbrellas.

  8. Cathy Sweeney 21 October 2011 0028 #

    Love this shot of those colorful market stalls. So cool to think about a market being so old!

  9. [email protected]'s gone 2 Aus 21 October 2011 0333 #

    When I read the title I imagined grey skies, litter on the floor, and a few pigeons looking for crumbs! I had no idea Norwich market would be so bright and colourful, lovely photo. Thank you.

  10. Michael Figueiredo 21 October 2011 0414 #

    How pretty!

  11. Leigh 21 October 2011 0537 #

    Love how you captured the after hours market – and love the fact someone gave some thought as to how to make the market visually interesting when its closed.

  12. Jessica 21 October 2011 0641 #

    Such a fun and quirky place. Looks like a Dr. Seuss book.

  13. Turkey's For Life 21 October 2011 1149 #

    Love your posts about the UK. It’s nice to learn more about our own country! 🙂 I love the vibrant colours at this market.

  14. Lisa 21 October 2011 1822 #

    What a great shot – it’s so beautiful and colourful! My mind immediately thought “beach” when I saw the photo as well – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a market as visually interesting after hours as this one.

  15. Sonja 21 October 2011 1916 #

    Reminds me of the stands along the Seine in Paris, only much more colorful!

  16. Claire 23 October 2011 0200 #

    Love the colours!

  17. Nancie 24 October 2011 0636 #

    Love this shot. The colors are great!

  18. James Avery 25 October 2011 0154 #

    I think you’ve captured the colours really well. Norwich isn’t just about the old though, have you bean to the Sainsbury Centre?

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 25 October 2011 1105 #

      @James – The Sainsbury Centre is at the university, isn’t it? No, I haven’t been there – yet. I really liked Norwich though, so next time. East Anglia is such a nice region, though somewhat overlooked, it seems. Odd, considering how accessible it is – especially with all the budget airlines at Stansted airport.

  19. Anne-Sophie Redisch 26 October 2011 1107 #

    Thanks for all the comments on this little photo post. Norwich is certainly worth a visit – a lively university town in a lovely region.

  20. Allen 31 October 2011 1733 #

    Hey Anne-Sophie, your photo looks nice and colorful. Norwich market looks like a playful place. I wonder how it looks when the market is open.

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