The most popular Instagrams in July come from the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Sweden, Germany and Spain. Let’s get to it:

11. Antwerp mural. Much as I adore Tin Tin, there’s more to Belgian street art and murals than Hergé’s intrepid journo. Here’s a wall in Antwerp.

Popular Instagrams July 2015

10 Art Nouveau Pavillion in San Sebastian. During the summer holidays, the girls and I spent a week in France. One day, we hopped across the border to Spain, specifically to Donostia – perhaps better known as San Sebastian. One of my favourite structures in the Basque city was this Art Nouveau pavilion.


9. Place de la Bourse. This part of Bordeaux has stunning architecture. We stopped by the square nearly every day to have lunch or ice cream at one of the many cosy outdoor cafes nearby.


8. Hôtel du Palais A new addition to my list of fave hotels is this gorgeous place right on the beach in Biarritz. We discovered it more or less by accident, so only had lunch here. Such a wonderful atmosphere of days gone by.


7. Street lights in Northern Sweden. Lamps are hardly necessary during the light summer nights in Northern Scandinavia. But I did like these in Sundsvall.


6. Vintage cars in Bad Muskau. I spotted these two on the border between Germany and Poland.


5. Plantin-Moretus Museum. In Antwerp, the Plantin-Moretus is an interesting 16th century residence, print workshop and publishing house. Loved the geography room.


4. Citadelle de Blaye. On either side of the Gironde estuary in the province of Aquitaine in France, you can see examples of the fortifications built by the renowned 17th century military architect Vauban. Citadelle de Blaye is one of them. With this collage, I wanted to show the lovely, little village hiding behind the imposing walls.


3. Grote Markt, Antwerp. I think the market square in Antwerp is just beautiful, especially this belfry.


2. Saint-Emilion. The absurdly pretty wine village of Saint-Emilion on a hot July morning.

1. Beguinage in Antwerp. The most popular ‘gram in July was this one from the Beguinage in Antwerp. A beguinage – or begijnhof – was originally a unique form of community housing for devout women. For visitors, it’s an interesting, enclosed area to wander around – with a lovely, tranquil garden.



unesco logoThe Plantin-Moretus House-Workshops-Museum Complex, Belfries of Belgium and France, the Flemish Béguinages, Bordeaux – Port of the Moon, the Fortifications of Vauban and the Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion are all UNESCO World Heritage sites. Here are all the heritage sites I’ve visited around the world.