Family-friendly Prince Edward Island

I decided to remain with our friendly Arctic neighbour, specifically Atlantic Canada, this week as well. The light house is in Summerside in fairy tale Prince Edward Island, of Anne of Green Gables fame.

Prince Edward Island

We caught the ferry from Pictou in Nova Scotia to PEI and spent a few days in the adorable, diminutive province capital Charlottetown, then drove around the island and ended up with another few days in Summerside. PEI – and especially Charlottetown, offered excellent shopping, somewhat surprisingly. I’m not normally a fervent shopper (think I got over that in my 20s), but I came home from PEI with all kinds of great stuff I don’t need (but which I really like).

Nature is at her best in Prince Edward Island, with rolling green meadows, red sand beaches and surrounded by the sea; red sea, caused by the red earth.  In fact, PEI looks just as sweet and beautiful as the Anne of Green Gables films.

Charlottetown cafe culture: fun, pink cafe/shop/hang-out Just us Girls – and Charlottetown villa

Rustico light house and New London in the rain

Near Cavendish is Anne’s home, Avonlea. Alex, my oldest, fondly remembers the series from her younger days, so seeing Avonlea was a special treat, even though the village was closed for the autumn. (Like parts of Norway, much of Canada seems to shut down in September).

“Anne Shirley has a very bad temper”  – and Green Gables

All three of us really liked PEI. So much, Alex researched doing a uni course on the island. Sadly, the course selection is somewhat limited. That’s to be expected; even Anne went to uni in Halifax.

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16 Responses to “Family-friendly Prince Edward Island”

  1. Wanderluster 26 February 2010 1135 #

    Love that summerside lighthouse!

  2. jackie 26 February 2010 1642 #

    Really love PEI. You’ve captured so well.

  3. Tourism PEI 26 February 2010 2046 #

    Great post! Glad you enjoyed your time on PEI!

  4. Angela K. Nickerson 26 February 2010 2054 #

    I’ve always wanted to go live out my Anne-girl fantasies in PEI! Thanks for the photologue! 🙂

  5. Anne-Sophie 26 February 2010 2236 #

    Thanks for your nice comments, everyone.

    @Wanderluster: Agreed – I really do like that lighthouse by the red earth and red sea, too. Decided to move the pic to the top of the post 🙂

  6. Dominique 26 February 2010 2314 #

    It’s been years since we’ve been to PEI, but we loved it. I enjoyed seeing some of the lighthouses I remember seeing when we were there–so long ago that they were still debating the Confederation Bridge and you had to take a ferry to the island.
    I remember being there an seeing the brilliant blue sky, the red earth, and the green, green potato fields!
    Thanks for renewing my memories!

  7. inka 27 February 2010 2357 #

    Never been there, but you always to manage to make me want to places and see them through your eyes.

  8. Debbie Ferm 1 March 2010 0213 #

    I love light houses, and that one is gorgeous! Nice photos.

    And gorgeous girls too, of course:)

  9. kim 6 March 2010 1316 #

    I love PEI too. It’s like a fairy tale island.

  10. Carlota Dinucci 8 April 2010 1623 #

    just here surfing the net blowing time, decided to check out your blog since some acquaintances told me about it before. glad i did, you some good material on this site.

  11. Alli 9 April 2010 1958 #

    Anne did NOT go to uni in Halifax! She went to school in Charlottetown and Redmond college in Kingsport.

  12. Anne-Sophie 10 April 2010 1502 #

    Ooops – my bad, child!

  13. Michelle Hara 17 May 2010 2350 #

    Hey Anne-Sophie,

    Love your PEI pictures! They’re beautiful. Unfortunately, even though I live in Canada, the West Coast to be exact, I have never gotten a chance to visit PEI.

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    Michelle Hara

  14. Mia 5 June 2011 2255 #

    I love PEI, spending the summers there always makes me feel like Anne!


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