This week, I thought I’d tell you about a very cool sound sculpture in our homebase in Drammen, Norway. Let’s explore river music.

Drammen, Norway - River Harp sound sculpture
The River Harp

The large pedestrian bridge Ypsilon is a Drammen landmark. Next to Ypsilon is the River Harp, a sound sculpture comprising two large silver balls, one on either side of the river. The sculpture creates river music through variations in water flow and bridge oscillations.

Drammen, Norway - Ypsilon bridge

That’s the scientific explanation at least. The folkloric version is more dramatic. You see, the River Harp is playing to appease Nøkken, a shape-shifting water spirit. To women, Nøkken appears as a beautiful young man with a violin, enchanting them with sweet river music, drawing them ever closer until they fall in and drown.

If you walk along the attractive riverbank promenade, stop and have a listen on one side of the river, then cross Ypsilon and see if the music is different on the opposite bank.

Here’s the River Harp playing for Nøkken:

Any landmarks or interesting features of your hometown? Do share in the comments below!

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