Apart from offering the use of mobile phones on board, Ryanair is probably the budget airline that gets the most flak: hidden charges, bad in-flight service, never on-time, hard landings, accident waiting to happen, sell-sell-sell, etc.

I flew Ryanair round-trip Sandefjord (TRF) – London (STN) a few weeks ago and have nothing to complain about. Dirt-cheap tickets, flights on time, pleasant flight attendants, comfortable, steady rides. Granted, the weather was beautiful both days, so it probably wasn’t very challenging flying, but still. And the landings were just fine.

Using mobile phones on board?

Ryanair is presently installing a system allowing passengers to use mobile phones on board. I asked a flight attendant about this and she said it was a bit of an experiment; if passengers complained too much, they’d probably discontinue that service. Also, it cost a bundle, so it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to switch it on for laughs. Even receiving an SMS cost a gazillion. So I didn’t – and appreciated the honesty.

I don’t know about this. I can see the convenience of taking care of business on-board, especially on long flights which can certainly be tedious. But the idea of having to unwillingly overhear loud, annoying meaningless chit-chat, like we do on trains – imagine being a flight attendant having to listen to that all the time…

Another issue entirely, is how Ryanair (and others) has the nerve to talk about Oslo Airport, Torp. Wonder how many arrive in Sandefjord thinking it’s a hop, skip and a jump to Oslo – then discovering it’s a 2-hour bus ride, passing 2 other cities along the way.

Ryanair in flight
FR 34 whizzing across the North Sea