Our train from Paris Montparnasse to Saint Malo didn’t exactly correspond with the Jersey-bound ferry (not the fault of SNCF, I hasten to add, but me for wanting to be absolutely certain we didn’t miss the last ferry of the day). So, with a few hours to kill, we had a look around the medieval city of Saint Malo.


Brittany is always nice, all salty sailors and the sea. Well, maybe not quite. Didn’t see many salty sailors. But Saint Malo’s old, walled town was great, with fab restaurants inside the city walls. While the girls roamed about the markets, I just hang out at Café de l’Ouest drinking wine and watching people walk along the ramparts. It was wonderful!


Saint Malo is said to have more sea food restaurants than anywhere else in Europe.

Historically, it’s an interesting city as well, originally from the 6th century. In the late 1400s, Saint Malo declared its independence from France and from the rest of Brittany. For a few years, at least. Says something about the spirit of the place, I think.

Coming back from the islands, the approach to Saint Malo was magnificent. Wished we could have stayed longer. But we had places to go, things to see, planes to catch…

Saint-Malo, lighthouse

Next post will actually be about the Channel Islands. Promise.