We’ve visited the tallest structure in the southern hemisphere twice: the first time was just Alex and I, during a short one-week first-time jaunt to the land of the long, white cloud. Our next visit to the Sky Tower Auckland was four years later, while we lived in New Zealand.

On both occasions, we bumped into therapy groups up there in the tower; small groups of people working to overcome their fear of heights – or possibly their fears in general. Part of the flooring of the observation deck is made of transparent glass. The material is just as safe and solid as concrete, yet standing on glass 300 metres above Auckland’s traffic does seem to be frightening for many.

Me? I wasn’t afraid to step out, but watching the ground far, far below was a slightly dizzying, stomach-tickling experience.

Kids have no qualms at all, of course. Both girls easily wandered about on the glass, sat down on it, lied stomach down on it, jumped up and down on it. The rest of us, well, perhaps we just grow up too fast…

How about you? Have you visited the Sky Tower Auckland or a similar place? And, even more interestingly, did you wander out on the glass?

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