My latest travel dream – or, dare I say, travel plan, is St Helena.

From space, St Helena looks mountainous, rugged, rough…

How to get there? Several ways, probably. An airport is in the planning, which will make St Helena more accessible – but what I’d like is a slow, dreamy boat journey, perhaps aboard the Royal Mail ship. The ship offers the occasional game of cricket, but there are no theatres, no casinos, no golf ranges… sounds wonderful.

This will probably be our first sighting of St Helena. I wonder what Napoleon thought as he approached the island, knowing he would never leave.

Photo: zaniwoop

If one is to be exiled for life, St Helena probably isn’t the worst spot to be buried.

Napoleons grave. Photo: zaniwoop

On the way, the boat stops in the equally mysterious Ascension Island.

Photo: startledrabbit III

Photo: startledrabbit III

Now, how to get my daughters to spend 31 days on board a boat…

Update April 2011: All photos from flickr’s Creative Commons.