11 things you’ll love in Baku

My initial impression of the Azerbaijani capital is that of a giant modernisation project, one where the old and the hyper contemporary vie for attention. The city actually feels a bit... undecided. Baku is a crossroads in every sense: between Europe and Asia, between conventional [...]

11 things you’ll love in Belgrade

Once there was a country called Yugoslavia. It was a federation of six republics that existed through most of the 20th century. For much of that time, it was essentially held together by one man, Josip Broz Tito. Marshall Tito died in 1980. Soon after, [...]

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11 things you’ll love on the Luther trail

in Worms, Heidelberg, Speyer and Augsburg I’ve been following in Luther’s footsteps once again. He really did get around, that Martin. A couple of years ago, I had a look at what is probably the most famous of Luther spots: Wittenberg, where he nailed his [...]

2021-05-21T17:54:30+01:0018 October 2017|11 things, Germany, Road trips|

11 things you’ll love in Kraków

Welcome back to Poland. I've written about Gdansk and Warsaw earlier. Today, we're heading south, to Krakow. Like Warsaw, Krakow's Historic Centre is a World Heritage site, to be specially preserved for future generations. Here's UNESCO's take: The historic centre of Cracow, the [...]

11 things you’ll love in Dresden (Day out Berlin)

Dresden is only two hours away from Berlin by train, but do try to find time to spend at least one night in this beautiful Saxon city. Here are 11 reasons why: 1. Altstadt (Old Town) and Brühlsche Terrasse Until World War II, Dresden was [...]

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11 things you’ll love in Almaty

I’ve been in Almaty nearly a week now, and I’ve enjoyed myself tremendously here. The city is beautifully located at the foot of the Zailiyskiy Alatau Mountains (or the Tian-Shan Mountains, their better known Chinese name), it’s summer, the weather is lovely (even the occasional [...]

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11 things you’ll love in Dubai

Curious about dashing Dubai? Well, here's a nice little list for you of things to do in the most famous city of the United Arab Emirates. 1. Travel from the past to the future in an abra A not-to-be-missed experience in Dubai is crossing Al Khor (the Creek) [...]

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