Day out Tbilisi: Ananuri Castle and Kazbegi Mountains

Along the Georgian Military HighwayIf you're following this blog - and reading this, chances are you're interested in the world's slightly more obscure places. You might for example have visited Georgia, or perhaps you're considering it for your next Euro/Asian jaunt. (Is the Caucasus in [...]

2021-01-20T22:04:30+00:009 May 2018|Daytrip, Georgia|

Tbilisi to Yerevan

Today's post is about bread and circuses - or, at least, bread and religion - which perhaps isn't that different. While I pondered whether to travel from Tbilisi to Yerevan via train or marshrutka (minibusses with threadbare tyres found all over the Caucasus), I stumbled [...]

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