In transit, the Liechtenstein edition: Fear and folly in Malbun

Malbun, 28 August 2018 I'm driving from Zürich to Chur today, and as I’m going past anyway, I decide to stop off in Liechtenstein. Just a whim. Have a cup of tea. Maybe open a bank account. It’s like Switzerland, y’know. On steroids. (Although, to [...]

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Tiny Triesenberg

For most, Liechtenstein is a quick stop to check off yet another country on their list. They only stop for an hour at most, in the capital Vaduz - and leave with a very incomplete impression of this ancient Alpine country. The little principality has [...]

In transit: 20 countries in 20 days! Is he mad?

26 september 2006 On the Post bus Here on the Post bus from Liechtenstein to Austria is a man on a mission: a rather hurried jaunt across Europe - 20 countries in 20 days. Including a long trans-continental flight at either end. He looks dazed [...]

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Border bridge: Liechtenstein and Switzerland

Border bridge: Liechtenstein to the left, Switzerland to the right. I jump: Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland...

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