World at a Glance: Cornwall mining landscapes

Cornwall is one of my favourite parts of Britain. And not just the curiously captivating fishing villages, but inland, too. Last summer, Cat spent a few days at horse riding camp on Bodmin Moor. On the way, we naturally used the opportunity to spend another night at Jamaica Inn. And this [...]

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Looe and Polperro: two Cornish villages

Welcome to this week´s edition of Cornwall Sunday. Along the Cornish coast are Looe and Polperro. Once known for shipping, fishing and piracy, today they are merely two enchanting little villages with narrow, winding streets, lively harbours and picturesque cottages, many with those delightfully ancient [...]

Tintagel – or King Arthur, part I

In today's chapter of Cornwall Sunday, we'll go to Tintagel and meet King Arthur for the first time. It surely comes as no surprise the legendary leader was conceived in Cornwall, land of magic and mysteries. Have you heard the story of Arthur's conception? It's a tale of passion and deceit. (Clearly, nothing is new in the world).

Sunday snapshots: Trerice Manor

Trerice is naturally frequented by otherworldly beings, we're in Cornwall, after all. In this case, it's the ghost of a servant girl who was seduced by the lord of the manor, then cruelly tossed aside when she became pregnant. The lass committed suicide but her spirit remains. She is invisible, but you know her by a sudden scent of lilacs and a chill in the air.

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