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Winter in Oslo

-What are you doing the third Friday in January? Tom and Andrew asked. Or words to that effect. -Eh… nothing special. -We might squeeze in a flying visit to Oslo. Are you planning to be around, or might you be jet-setting somewhere? Next to my kids, these two are my fave travel buddies. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, England, […]

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Munch at Oslo airport

Are you familiar with the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch? You will at least have seen his work Skrik (Scream) in one of its many forms, if not as a painting, perhaps as a punching bag? A year ago, one of four original versions of the world-famous painting was sold at Sotheby’s for a record 119.9 […]

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A Perfect Day in Oslo

Today, I’m joining the 100 cities to homeswap before you die-initiative and I’ll let you in on how to spend a perfect day in Oslo. (For more information on the project, click on the link at the end of the article.) It’s not easy. That’s not because there’s a shortage of things to enjoy, quite […]

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Winter family fun in Oslo

Want to get the kids away from the screens and out in the fresh air? Here are a few tips for some family-fun in the snow in the Norwegian capital. Nature is all around you here: the Oslo fjord and its islands, forests, lakes and parks – and the locals enthusiastically enjoy it all. Perhaps […]

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oslo blomster

The streets of Oslo are filled with love

Terrorism. In Oslo, one of the safest cities in the world, one of the most peaceful. A month ago, the worst tragedy since World War II hit Norway. A mad man, a terrorist, set off a bomb near the Prime Minister’s office, killing 8. He then travelled to the island of Utøya and murdered 69 […]

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17 mai

17 May – Hip hip hooray!

For a secular country, Norway observes many religious holidays (and by “observe”, I mean get days off work). Spring is full of holidays – religious and otherwise, including 1 May (international labour day), Ascension Day and Whit Monday. But the most important of all is 17 May. Nebbdyret Bigger than Christmas, New Year and your […]

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Walking with the nudes of Oslo

“This is actually quite … sexy,” Gianmarco, my Italian friend whispers. I’m showing him Frogner Park; we’re surrounded by nude sculptures – all life-size. The rain is pouring, our clothes are clinging to us. “It certainly is,” I think to myself as he brushes wet hair back from his face. Frogner Park is a major […]

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