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Nobel Square Cape Town

World at a Glance: While we’re waiting for Nobel…

Four Nobel Peace Prize recipients hail from South Africa. That’s quite an impressive number; only six countries have more. At Nobel Square on the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, you’ll find Nelson Mandela along with South Africa’s three other laureates.

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Imizamo Yethu: Life in a township

During a visit in South Africa earlier this year, I visited Imizamo Yethu, a township in Hout Bay Valley, a seaside suburb of Cape Town. I was first in South Africa in 1993, just months before Nelson Mandela was sworn in as president. At that time, by chance, I met a man who ran tours […]

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Postcards from Outcast Isle

Imagine standing here, looking across to the mainland, knowing that’s where your family and friends are – and where you might not set foot for 20 years or so. View of Cape Town from Robben Island. Nelson Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years of imprisonment here on Robben Island. However, although he is the […]

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Cheetahs and other rescue animals at Inverdoorn

I’m still in the Caucasus, and articles will be coming up when I’m back, or possibly before (Internet cafes depending). Meanwhile, I thought I’d tell you about this worthwhile animal rescue project in South Africa. On an impromptu visit in Cape Town earlier this year, to meet my childhood friend Ingrid, we had time for […]

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World at a Glance: Republic of Hout Bay

This small fishing village declared itself the Republic of Hout Bay in the 1980s, with a flag, passport and anthem. Today, only the passport remains. If you’re in Cape Town, I recommend a stop at the charming harbour.

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The Cape Peninsula: penguins, baboons and spectacular scenery

After my recent re-visit to Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula, I’ve a series of posts coming up. I’ll cover a cheetah, lion and rhino rescue project and Hout Bay – another self-declared micro-nation. I’ll talk about the infamous prison at Robben Island and a thought-provoking visit in a township. I might even say a […]

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Cape Town revisited

As I write this, I’m sat at Heathrow, waiting for British Airways to fly me 30 000 ft or so above the warm African night. It’s a spur of the moment decision. I meant to call my friend from primary school, Ingrid, to see if we could find time for a coffee. Turns out she’s […]

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