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Swedish Heritage Sunday: Hovgården

In the west, the word Viking usually brings to mind Norsemen heading west and leaving their marks on Ireland and England, such as the city of York, once known as Jorvik, a very Norwegian name indeed. They colonised Iceland and Greenland, and were even the first Europeans to discover North America. The Swedish Vikings are […]

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Flirting with Fate in the Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands roads are spectacular, not least Oyggjarvegur, the mountain road from Torshavn, the archipelago’s tiny capital, towards the northern islands. But then, nothing less is to be expected in the world’s best island-destination. In places, there are no barriers between us and a 1000-foot drop into the chilling waters of the North Atlantic fjord. […]

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Oslo On the House – 10 great free Oslo attractions

With the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony coming up this weekend, Oslo is the obvious choice for this chapter in Magic of Cities. The focus will be free travel. That’s right: low-budget, or rather no-budget, free Oslo attractions. Norway is not exactly famous for being a budget destination, so you might be surprised how much is […]

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Channel Islands – Jersey

I first visited Jersey about 20 years ago. Back then, the Bergerac TV-series were all the rage (about Jim Bergerac, ruggedly handsome sergeant of the Bureau des Étrangers). Hadn’t really heard much about Jersey before that. Before leaving for the Channel Islands this time, I got some DVDs of that 80s TV-show and got my […]

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Roskilde: Cathedral, Rock, Vikings

Roskilde: Cathedral, Rock, Vikings. That nicely sums up Denmark’s oldest city. The university city is just a short train ride from Copenhagen. And a surprisingly diverse city it is, offering a UNESCO-listed cathedral, a creative Viking ship museum, and probably most famously, its annual wild rock festival. The Roskilde Festival is the largest of its […]

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The Jelling Stones: Denmark’s birth certificate

On my must-see list for this trip were Denmark’s three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of these, the 10th century Jelling Stones – or  Jelling Mounds, Church and Runic Stones – hail from the time when Viking king Harald Bluetooth ditched the Norse gods for Christendom. The Jelling Stones site has two carved rune stones: […]

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Isle of Man – thoughts and conclusions

She married a Manx farmer and had loved every one of the 50 years she had lived here. Isle of Man had been good to her and her family.

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