A Taste of Italy: pizza in Rome

By Alexandra Redisch, eating pizza in Rome

Hi everyone! Alex (the oldest daughter) here. In my humble opinion, one of the things lacking on this blog is food. Everyone loves food! Everyone likes to look at pictures of food. And everyone likes to read about food. Am I right or am I right?

This post is the first in A Taste of Italy, a series of Italian restaurant reviews, done over the course of my stay in Rome and Umbria for the TBU conference in April 2012.

First up is a small restaurant called Napoletano’s Italian style pizza and steakhouse New York City at Piazza della Rotonda. Apart from the unsuitable name – it’s neither reminicent of a steakhouse nor of NYC – this little place is quintessentially Italian. And you get a great view of the Pantheon (pictured above) while you eat.

The lunch menu, which is served until 7 pm (it seems you can’t have dinner before 8 pm in Italy), starts with a bruschetta topped with fresh pomodoro and ruccola. A choice of pasta or pizza as a main, and a drink (soft drinks, water or wine) sets you back 12 euros. Not too bad!

Margherita – the simple pizza

I chose the pizza margherita with a glass of red wine, as I always do when I have Italian pizza. A native Roman friend of mine told me that the best way to judge a restaurant in Italy is to have the margherita, as it’s so simple. Apparently, if you have lots of toppings on your pizza you can’t really taste it, whereas with a simple margherita you will know at once if this is good or bad pizza. This was definitely a good pizza.

The service was great, the price was unbeatable and the food heavenly. Add an amazing location and season with a couple of street musicians playing cheesy love songs – what’s not to like about this place?

Do you like Italian food? Silly question… of course you do!



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One of the kids in ‘travel with kids’, avid traveller, mystery writer, chocoholic, currently working on a WWII biography.

40 Responses to “A Taste of Italy: pizza in Rome”

  1. ItalianNotes 28 April 2012 1124 #

    I always go for the margherita, as well. It can be fantastic.

    • Alexandra Redisch 28 April 2012 1310 #

      It is either fantastic or horrid, most of the time 🙂 It’s a win or lose kind of pizza!

  2. Angela 28 April 2012 1222 #

    I had pizza just last night, delicious, I was really craving it! The margherita in your pic looks delicious 😉

    • Alexandra Redisch 28 April 2012 1309 #

      It was absolutely scrumptious! Nothing like a margherita and a glass of wine 🙂

  3. ciki 28 April 2012 1420 #

    Right on all counts. I do love to look at pictures of food, and I LOVE Italian food! Pizza’s are the best for a zippy meal.. of course using the freshest local ingredients help – just can’t get enough;)

    • Alexandra Redisch 29 April 2012 2109 #

      You’re so right Ciki! The ingredients’ freshness is vital, and I think that’s something that’s very important to Italians. Their food is religious to them 🙂

  4. Alex Jones 28 April 2012 1533 #

    Always margherita. One of the best pizzas I’ve had was in Rome from a takeaway. Buy a big rectangular slice, they fold it in half like a calzone, give you a paper napkin and you eat it walking down the street. A nice glass of chianti would be good, though!

    • Alexandra Redisch 29 April 2012 2110 #

      Definitely Alex – I may have had a couple of those during my stay in Rome… *pats tummy*

  5. JoAnna 28 April 2012 1937 #

    Oooohhhh … that pizza looks delish!

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 29 April 2012 2247 #

      Pizzas in Italy: so simple – and so delicious.

  6. Abby 29 April 2012 0157 #

    You’re right, Alex, there’s never enough talk about food! I thought I wasn’t hungry for dinner, but that pizza has changed my mind!

    • Alexandra Redisch 29 April 2012 2111 #

      Haha, it’s dangerous!

  7. Leigh 29 April 2012 0651 #

    In Courmoyeur last summer I had a heavenly pizza with gorgozola, pear and walnuts.

    • Alexandra Redisch 29 April 2012 2112 #

      That sounds absolutely heavenly! I love all three ingredients! I sometimes make chicken with gorgonzola, which is delish as well 🙂

  8. Annie - FootTracker 29 April 2012 0724 #

    I heard the pizza in Italy tastes very different (and better) than the ones in USA !! Man, I wish I can try one to compare…

    • Alexandra Redisch 29 April 2012 2113 #

      Yes, I’d say they do. Something about the origin of the ingredients, probably. Tomatoes aren’t just tomatoes…

  9. Andrea 29 April 2012 0854 #

    That pizza looks delicious! I love how Italy is all about fresh, simple ingredients

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 29 April 2012 2245 #

      I know! Fresh, simple and just a few ingredients, so each one gets the attention it deserves.

  10. Alison 29 April 2012 1941 #

    This meal looks so tasty! I wish I could grab it out of the screen 😉

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 29 April 2012 2244 #

      I was thinking just that, Alison 🙂

  11. Victor Tribunsky 29 April 2012 2023 #

    It will be very helpful series for all travellers.

    • Alexandra Redisch 29 April 2012 2116 #

      Thanks Victor, that’s very kind:)

  12. InsideJourneys 30 April 2012 0131 #

    Yum, that pizza looks appetizing! Thanks for introducing some food to this blog, Alexandra.

  13. Alexandra Redisch 30 April 2012 0837 #

    Thanks! Food is goooooood…

  14. Debbie 30 April 2012 1128 #

    I love Italian food, especially Pizza. However, there’s a lot of nice dishes that you can discover once you travel across Italy.

    • Alexandra Redisch 9 May 2012 1101 #

      Definitely, Debbie! I had some rather interesting local treats when I visited Lake Trasimeno.

  15. dtravelsround 30 April 2012 2208 #

    And now I am hungry for pizza!!

  16. Alexa Meisler 3 May 2012 0052 #

    They both look simple but I’m sure they taste absolutely delicious. Lovely photos!

  17. Elena Anne 4 May 2012 0940 #

    After reading this article, I suddenly wanted to get myself a Margherita! I also love Margherita, it doesn’t fill you up with so much guilt of eating pizza when you’re on a cheat day on your diet because of the lack of all the meaty stuff.

    • Alexandra Redisch 9 May 2012 1109 #

      Very true! I try not to eat meat so the margherita is perfect for me 🙂

  18. Samaira Jonathon 4 May 2012 1351 #

    I just love pizzas and pastas, and I know the best ones come from Italy. Margherita pizza is always my best bet. For sure there is no going back once you’ve tried a real Italian pizza, no other pizza will do a better job of stimulating your taste buds.

  19. Margherita is my favorite style of pizza. Just a few simple, fresh ingredients. If you can’t do that pizza right, you might as well not sell pizza 🙂

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 14 June 2012 1451 #

      So true!

  20. Danyelle Franciosa 8 May 2012 0240 #

    We had Pizza last night and it was really fun. I agree with you, I myself love to see pictures of different foods. Italy is the best place when you want delicious pastas and pizzas.

  21. Turkey's For Life 12 May 2012 1347 #

    We were in Rome recently and just had to go for a pizza option. As we live in Turkey and struggle to get hold of pork, we immediately chose a parma ham topping. Sooo good. Not as cheap as the one you found though. 🙂

  22. Don Faust 3 June 2012 0444 #

    I love the margherita pizzas in Rome. Sometimes simpler is just better.

  23. Mary @ Green Global Travel 13 June 2012 2145 #

    Because of the simplicity of the margherita pizza, each ingredient has to stand out. I love the fresh cheese, basil and tomatoes sauce. Everything fresh – yum!

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