World at a Glance: Tendaba airport terminal 3

Tendaba airport terminal

I was on my way from Banjul to the bush camp at Tendaba in a 4×4, a brutally long trip in scorching heat, when we stopped at Tendaba Airport to stretch our legs.

The little airport didn’t get much use back then, although the occasional aircraft did use the landing strip; carrying the president and other dignitaries mostly.

These days, most of the flying at Tendaba airport is done by birds. In fact, it could very well be the world’s most bird-friendly airport. This region along the River Gambia is birdwatcher heaven: you’ll likely see bee-eaters, night jars, harrier hawks, love birds, herons – and if bird spotting isn’t your cup of tea, there are baboons, chimps, bush babies, crocs, hippos, snakes and heaps more.

Now, what about Tendaba airport terminals 1 and 2, you ask? Where are they? That, dear reader, remains one of life’s great enigmas.

I love Africa.


World at a Glance is a series of short, one-photo articles here on Sophie’s World, portraying curious, evocative, happy, sad or wondrous, unexpected little encounters.



19 Responses to “World at a Glance: Tendaba airport terminal 3”

  1. budget jan 22 August 2013 1351 #

    I love the suitably rakish angle of the Airport Sign 🙂

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 28 August 2013 1520 #

      The whole airport is a bit rakish 🙂

  2. Salika Jay 22 August 2013 1426 #

    I love the Tendaba Terminal 3, and sure wonder what happened to terminals 1 & 2 😀

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 28 August 2013 1520 #


  3. Marcia 23 August 2013 0705 #

    I love Africa, too, Sophie! This is quite an unusual airport. It’d be a kick waiting for a flight at this airport. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 28 August 2013 1521 #

      Wouldn’t it, though…

  4. Aamlorie 23 August 2013 1228 #

    Hi Sophie,
    I am from Côte d’Ivoire (West Africa Country) I’ m so surprised to see this picture.
    It’s so unbelievable and sad too! African president don’t care much about what the country need. They just care about the money they can get!

    It’s a bit nice but sad…
    Thanks for sharing

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 28 August 2013 1523 #

      Thanks for reading, Aamlorie. Don’t often ‘meet’ people from Cote d’Ivoire; your country is on my wish list 🙂

      • Aamlorie 29 August 2013 1239 #

        I will be so happy to meet you and show my country.
        Hope to see you soon 😉

  5. Mike 25 August 2013 0329 #

    OH my gosh Anne-Sophie, THAT redifines an air terminal! We here America should take note and read this next time we complain! That picture says alot! 🙂

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 28 August 2013 1527 #

      Not exactly JFK, eh?

  6. Leigh 25 August 2013 1515 #

    Why terminal 3 – that is funny! Why any terminal really? Someone had big dreams.
    And good to know the birds are safe though the landing there must be a tad bumpy.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 28 August 2013 1528 #

      A very good question indeed… 🙂

  7. Andrea 30 August 2013 2009 #

    What a fantastic image! Ahhh – if only air travel was always this simple…

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 6 September 2013 1932 #

      Certainly an easier airport to navigate than, say Frankfurt-am-Main.

  8. Mary @ Green Global Travel 1 September 2013 1438 #

    I love that you not only took the photograph but also chose to share it. I know that if this were my experience, I would think of it every few months and smile at the thought. It is impossible not to love the surprising differences between our cultures and those we visit.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 9 September 2013 1248 #

      I know what you mean 🙂

  9. Stephanie - The Travel Chica 3 September 2013 0524 #

    How strangely fun 🙂

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 9 September 2013 1248 #

      Isn’t it … 🙂

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