What to do on a Friday night in London if you’re time travelling

It’s a late Friday night in London, and I’m in an Indian restaurant in Gloucester Road. … drinking a milk shake.

I could be doing more interesting things, of course. But the possibilities seem a bit civilised and, dare I say it, dull – compared to what I could have been doing to amuse myself had I lived in a another era.

London time travel

London time travel
I could:

  • And my favourite: pay a penny or two to watch doctors perform autopsies (the educational value alone…)

Sadly, I have no photos of these missed opportunities of yore! But here are a couple of random photos of present-day – and somewhat historic – London:

Lion at Trafalgar Square
Lions at Trafalgar Square

St Paul's, London
St Paul’s

London Eye
London Eye

Actually, drinking milk shake is not all I did today. I learned all the fascinating facts above from a fabulous walking tour of London’s criminal history – deliciously appropriate for the mysterious month of October.

A three-part series on Murder and Mayhem in London through the ages is coming up. Watch this space!



24 Responses to “What to do on a Friday night in London if you’re time travelling”

  1. Michael Figueiredo 12 October 2011 0044 #

    Great ideas! Counting the heads on spikes seems deliciously gruesome. haha!

  2. Jade 12 October 2011 0057 #

    I love London (duh) and my favorite thing to do would be head to the pub, Lamb and Flag, and listen to this old Jazz band. They probably performed there for years and just had this amazing energy. Loved it every time!

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 12 October 2011 0151 #

      @Jade – The Lamb and Flag – is that the one in Covent Garden?

  3. adventureswithben 12 October 2011 0228 #

    okay, this made me laugh. Great take on London.

  4. Christopher 12 October 2011 0752 #

    Yes, a truly gory past. I would add a cruise on the Thames with its 13 feet of human excrement and dead bodies. A dinner cruise of course.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 12 October 2011 0803 #

      @Christopher – Oh, wow! Talk about a dinner cruise with a view. And smell 🙂

  5. Italian Notes 12 October 2011 0836 #

    Sounds promising. I’m looking forward to the sequel.

  6. Mark Wiens 12 October 2011 1143 #

    Awesome and brief post Sophie, I’d really enjoy the Indian food followed by a milkshake as well!

  7. Turkey's For Life 12 October 2011 1222 #

    Looking forward to the posts and all the gory details for the run-up to Hallowe’en. 🙂

  8. inka 12 October 2011 1321 #

    I went on a mystery walk, or rather a Jack the Ripper walk. Fabulous, it certainly appealed to my twisted nature. I’ll stay tuned for your next posts.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 12 October 2011 1525 #

      @Inka – Jack will be featured 🙂

  9. robin 12 October 2011 1609 #

    Fun! London has a certain historical edginess doesn’t it?

  10. Laurel 12 October 2011 1701 #

    I had no idea you could do a walking tour through London’s criminal history, but sounds very interesting. I might have to check this out next month when I’m there for the World Travel Market.

  11. Emme Rogers 12 October 2011 1743 #

    Oh I love those kind of walks back in history. The Police Museum does one such one in Vancouver, all on the cities more criminal past. Absolutely fascinating stuff and the type of thing to inspire a good historical thriller.

    ~ Emme

  12. David @ Malaysia Asia 12 October 2011 2155 #

    Thanks. It’s been 10 years since I last visited London. I guess I’d be at some pub on a Friday night traveling to another dimension 🙂

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 13 October 2011 0028 #

      @David – time travel and space travel – both good 🙂

  13. Debbie @ European Travelista 13 October 2011 0457 #

    Awesome pictures, Sophie! I can hardly wait to read your series. Sounds perfect for October 🙂

  14. Christina 13 October 2011 1940 #

    Haha! Yes, the walking tours are awesome. I did a Harry Potter walking tour once. Or a Thames cruise, (minus the excrement and human bodies of course). Or, head out for a curry, like you did, especially if you’re in Tooting (south west). Great places and good prices!

  15. Ana 14 October 2011 0003 #

    How I would love to time-travel and see Elizabeth I’s court!

  16. Kim A. 14 October 2011 0031 #

    Oh yes! I’m looking forward to this series. London’s history can be so dark and fantastical. Very exciting and spooky!

  17. Technosyncratic Travel 14 October 2011 1100 #

    You really could pay to watch autopsies? Man, I was born in the wrong era!

  18. Jeremy Branham 15 October 2011 0015 #

    London is such a fascinating city and one of the top destinations on my list of places I want to see next. Incredibly diversity and I love the culture there. I am already excited about your series! 🙂

  19. Jessica 19 October 2011 1629 #

    What a clever and fun way to think about traveling in a city like London! I might have paid my penny to see the autopsy….maybe.

  20. Xena 17 July 2012 1842 #

    Ah London. Haven’t been there in ages but hope to see it again soon. Thanks for the tips!

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