It’s a late Friday night in London, and I’m in an Indian restaurant in Gloucester Road. … drinking a milk shake.

I could be doing more interesting things, of course. But the possibilities seem a bit civilised and, dare I say it, dull – compared to what I could have been doing to amuse myself had I lived in a another era.

London time travel

I could:

  • And my favourite: pay a penny or two to watch doctors perform autopsies (the educational value alone…)

Sadly, I have no photos of these missed opportunities of yore! But here are a couple of random photos of present-day – and somewhat historic – London:

Lions at Trafalgar Square

St Paul’s

London Eye

Actually, drinking milk shake is not all I did today. I learned all the fascinating facts above from a fabulous walking tour of London’s criminal history – deliciously appropriate for the mysterious month of October.

A three-part series on Murder and Mayhem in London through the ages is coming up. Watch this space!