Travel photo: Cruise ship at Castries, St Lucia

Castries, St Lucia

Much can be said about cruise ships and their impact on ports in small countries, environmentally and visually. Sitting at a cafe in Devonport in 2003, all of a sudden a huge, white monster wall appeared before us, above the house tops. It was The World, then the world’s largest cruise ship, passing through the Gulf of Hauraki for the America’s Cup. For a moment, it felt as our lovely little Kiwi village was to be invaded by giants. Nine years later, that image still makes me a bit jittery.

St Lucia

However, I don’t think it’s always bad. Browsing through an old album, I stumbled upon this photo of a much less obtrusive cruise liner in the Caribbean port of Castries, St Lucia.

What are your thoughts on cruise ships?

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  1. ItalianNotes 23 March 2012 1436 #

    What a beautiful natural harbour and the cruise ship looks alright, though I’m not sure it’s as big as they go today.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 23 March 2012 1502 #

      I think you’re right. Some of the ships today are enormous!

  2. Lisa 23 March 2012 1501 #

    We’ve cruised with our kids 5 times and my favourites were probably Alaska and the Baltics – places that I would have been unlikely to have traveled to on a land-based vacation. Particularly in the Baltics, the cruise gave us a taste of the area and we realized that we definitely wanted to return especially to Sweden and Norway. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to cruising, however, it’s a style of vacation that we enjoy taking from time to time.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 23 March 2012 1505 #

      We did a cruise through the Panama Canal last year. I got a bit restless, especially on sea days, but my kids really enjoyed the whole experience, so we’ll probably do it again some time.

  3. Lisa 23 March 2012 1610 #

    I’ve done two cruises, one in Europe and one in the Caribbean. Both were great experiences. I particularly liked the Europe trip because we only had one at sea day, as countries/ports were so close together. I have always wanted to visit St. Lucia.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 23 March 2012 1807 #

      Yes, I imagine one in Europe would be fun. You can get a little taste of so many different places, then decide where you want to return for a closer look.

  4. Maryden25 23 March 2012 1724 #

    Puerto Rico is one of the most beautiful places to visit. I haven’t gone yet to St. Lucia. Thanks for sharing this photo.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 23 March 2012 1807 #

      And I haven’t been to Puerto Rico. Yet. 🙂

  5. Robert 23 March 2012 1813 #

    Not that big on cruises myself, but that’s a sleek, beautiful boat.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 23 March 2012 1844 #

      I thought so, too.

  6. Alexa Meisler 23 March 2012 1838 #

    Wow it’s almost as big as the island behind it. Its a good looking ship I must say. The is a great shot by the way!

  7. Anne-Sophie Redisch 23 March 2012 1844 #

    Thanks, Alexa 🙂

  8. Ana (Ana Travels) 23 March 2012 2126 #

    We’re going on a cruise in April. it’s one of those big monsters but since it’s a corporate thing with all expenses paid, I shouldn’t complain 🙂
    My grandparents took all their grandchildren on a cruise around the Chilean fjiords to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. There were three boats, the biggest had about 200m passengers so I’d like to think we were pretty unobtrusive. We had such a great time 🙂

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 26 March 2012 1003 #

      That sounds like a fabulous anniversary for the whole family! Look forward to hearing about your up-coming cruise, too 🙂

  9. Andrea 24 March 2012 0128 #

    They’re so incredibly massive and you never notice just how big unless you’re in a tiny town and suddenly confronted by one. I’m not the biggest fan of cruises but I can see the value of them in certain situations.

    Personally I can’t be trusted around all that continuous inclusive food and cheap drinks, either =)

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 26 March 2012 1004 #

      Yeah, there is that. I get tired of food after a few days, though. It’s just too much.

  10. Waegook Tom 24 March 2012 0659 #

    What a beautiful photo – St Lucia is top of my list of places to visit in the Caribbean. As for cruise ships….I don’t have much knowledge on the subject, but as long as every effort is taken to preserve the local environment, then I don’t see that much of a problem. However, if it’s one that regular dumps 500 passengers+ into tiny towns and islands, then it’s a bit of a nuisance.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 26 March 2012 1007 #

      A contentious issue, to be sure. Fortunately, at least some cruise lines act responsibly.

  11. Julie 25 March 2012 1908 #

    Wow! That island must be such a wonderful place! That bay looks really beautiful! I wish I could have the chance to sit on the board of that ship..

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 26 March 2012 1008 #

      It has been many years, but I remember St Lucia as a very exotic place.

  12. Ayngelina 26 March 2012 0002 #

    I`m not keen on cruise ships either, there is just something monsterous about them.

  13. Anne-Sophie Redisch 26 March 2012 1009 #

    Yeah, nice and small does it.

  14. Corey Devaux 15 October 2012 2110 #

    Love your Blog and write up on St. Lucia!

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    In 1994 we realized that Mango Tango (our 52 ft cat) was too small to cater for the fast growing cruise ship business. The cruise ships were getting bigger and we had to grow too. Our second catamaran, Tango Too (80 ft) was built and could carry 150 passengers comfortably. Buying this boat was a great decision because we not only had a boat for cruise ships but could also hold large groups for weddings, birthdays and company outings. Local rides are also very popular on Tango Too.

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