A slightly vintage feel today – all black, white and grainy, as I remember a lively road trip in Scotland during a few unseasonably warm autumn days anno 1990.

I was there with a group of friends to celebrate a major birthday of my then young life. Driving along the Western coast, we spotted a sign for Caol Loch Aillse, Kyle of Lochalsh, landing stage for the short ferry ride to the Isle of Skye. Five years later, Skye Bridge was built and the ferry was no longer needed.

Of course we jumped at the chance to do a bit of impromptu exploration of the Hebrides. We found rooms with a lovely old lady, too. Gave us a most excellent Full Scottish breakfast, she did.

Red telephone box, Skye

The red telephone box, once so prevalent throughout Britain, is much less common today. I wonder if this one remains standing along the way side on Skye. (Interestingly, my old uni, the University of Oklahoma, has these red telephone boxes scattered about campus. Installed after my time. I think…)

As has so often been the case when travelling in Britain, we were childishly excited to find remnants of the island’s Viking past. Tarskavaig must surely be the same as the Norwegian name Torskevåg, meaning Cod Bay. Worth a photo for sure. Even back in the pre-digital day.

While I have your attention: This castle could be on Skye, but I rather think it’s somewhere near, on the Scottish mainland. Thoughtlessly, I didn’t note the location. I’d be ever so pleased to find out where it is.

Perhaps you know?