For most, Liechtenstein is a quick stop to check off yet another country on their list. They only stop for an hour at most, in the capital Vaduz – and leave with a very incomplete impression of this ancient Alpine country.

The little principality has much more to offer, so I recommend you spend a few days and head for the hills. About halfway between Vaduz and the ski resort Malbun is toy-sized Triesenberg with its tiny City Hall, onion-domed church, wooden chalets on rolling green meadows, towering mountains, and grand views of the Rhine River Valley below.

With only 35 000 inhabitants in the entire country, you would expect them to speak the same language. Well, they do. But not entirely. Triesenbergers has had a distinctive dialect since the Middle Ages, and are actively encouraged to use it and keep it alive.

Triesenberg is only a 2.5 kilometres brisk climb from Vaduz, and if the hike is too steep, the local post bus takes only a few minutes. Unless it has to stop for cows.

Cows in Liechtenstein

Have you been in Triesenberg? Or anywhere in Liechtenstein?