Trogir Croatia

Croatia’s Dalmatian coast is a treasure trove of quaint little villages, many within an hour or two from the hub, Split. Closest of all is perhaps Trogir, just half an hour away.

Trogir is on an island, connected to the mainland by little bridges, and is all about art, culture, history, and wandering/wondering bohemians and travellers for two millennia.

Colours, colours everywhere

I have a chat with the good folks at Trogir’s tourist office and learn their focus is on colours – blue, gold, green, purple.

Colours! If you’ve seen my house, you’ll know I’m down with that. So I set out, looking for each colour, and find them.

The blue ocean, the blue sky above, the even bluer just beneath the waters of the lagoon.

The golden hue of the stone houses and Kamerlengo Fortress in the late afternoon sun. The shimmer in the ancient cobble stones beneath my feet; each one seems to be telling stories of those that have run across them before me.

The green Adriatic next to Kamerlengo, the green grass and the leafy tree tops all around me in Trogir’s gardens. Bonus: flowers in a rainbow of colours, even now as summer is nearing the end. 

Purple… I look for purple. Can’t immediately find it. Then, as I look up…

…the sky takes on a hazy purple hue, and soon I see it all across the awning above: shades of purple, along with orange, yellow, pink, red in the most brilliant sunset.


Looks like you can widen the colour scheme, tourist office, to the entire rainbow.


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Historic City of Trogir is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
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