Where in the world: Torre Belém

Another Wednesday, another guessing game.

Where in the world is this tower?

Torre Belém

A UNESCO World Heritage Site this week as well. This one was built to commemorate the fantastic voyages of a 16th century explorer. Walking along the loggia of the tower, looking out from the bastion onto the river, well… it’s exhilarating. Good thing we weren’t here on a certain All Saints Day in the middle of the 18th century. At 9:40 on that Saturday morning, the city was hit by one of the deadliest earthquakes in history. 40 minutes later, a tsunami rushed up the river.

A winner will be selected among those who give the correct answer. She/he will be featured here on “Where in the world?” and on our Facebook fan page with his/her name, blog, twitter handle and a short bio.

Last week’s competition:

Last week we were in San Marino, the world’s oldest republic. The winner was David Bennett, author of the Quillcards blog. David runs the wonderful Quillcards Ecards and Art Prints along with his wife Tamara Colloff-Bennett. He is the photographer and she is the designer behind the great art work. They even offer free Ecards for you to try.



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Don’t worry about spoiling the fun if you know the answer – just shout it out. Moderation is turned on for the competition, meaning only I can see your comment for now. I’ll publish all the comments simultaneously.

Torre Belém

Update 24 June 2011: The correct answer is Torre Belém – or Belém Tower – at the mouth of the River Tagus (Tejo) in Lisbon, built to commemorate the expeditions of Vasco da Gama. Loads of right answers this week as well. I love having such well-travelled and well-read readers.

The winner this week is Jeremy Branham who knew the specific location as well as details of the earthquake. Jeremy has a passion for his family, sports and travel. He is the author of Budget Travel Adventures, where he shares his adventures, lessons learned, and tips on travelling. Follow him on Twitter and check out his facebook page for heaps of great travel tips and stories. CONGRATS, JEREMY.

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Torre Belem is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site Monastery of the Hieronymites and Tower of Belém in Lisbon.

Here are more UNESCO World Heritage sites around the world.

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  1. Melvin 22 June 2011 at 1210 - Reply

    My guess is Lisbon – Portugal

  2. The World of Deej 22 June 2011 at 1359 - Reply


  3. Jeremy Branham 22 June 2011 at 1703 - Reply

    This one is too easy!! This is Lisbon and the earthquake that hit was in 1755. This area is more specifically known as Belem. This is one of my favorite cities in all of Europe!!

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 22 June 2011 at 1836 - Reply

      @Jeremy – Yes, I think it may have been a bit too easy. Looks like many people know and like Portugal 🙂

  4. I believe this is Belem Tower in Lisbon.

  5. Hmm… Lisbon? The Great Lisbon Earthquake in 1755 is the earthquake you’re referring to?

  6. Roy | Cruisesurfingz 23 June 2011 at 2231 - Reply


    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 23 June 2011 at 2340 - Reply

      @Roy – I do like Wales, but this one’s just a wee bit further south 🙂

  7. Michael Figueiredo 24 June 2011 at 0405 - Reply

    That is the Torre de Belem, in Lisbon, Portugal! 🙂

  8. Christian 24 June 2011 at 1048 - Reply

    Looks like it could be somewhere in the Middle East. Reminds me a little of some of the forts of Oman.

  9. Louise 24 June 2011 at 1417 - Reply

    Looks like a Portuguese fort. Bahrain or Oman perhaps?

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 24 June 2011 at 1438 - Reply

      @Louise and @Christian – Interesting guesses. It does look a bit like some of the Portuguese forts we find in many countries in the Middle East, like Oman and Bahrain. Only this one’s in Portugal 🙂

  10. sensibletraveler 24 June 2011 at 1456 - Reply

    Great clues–I love history and the whole era of exploration. Would it be Lisbon?

  11. Anne-Sophie Redisch 24 June 2011 at 1547 - Reply

    @Melvin @Deej @Idelish @Debbie @Michael @Sensibletraveler – you’re all correct 🙂

  12. Camels & Chocolate 24 June 2011 at 1850 - Reply

    Wow, lovely spot! And no clue why I didn’t visit here when I was in Lisbon in 2006!

  13. Jeremy Branham 25 June 2011 at 0141 - Reply

    So glad to be the winner this week! Thank goodness this was an easier one! 🙂

  14. Marie 2 July 2011 at 1548 - Reply

    What a cool tower. Looks positively medieval. Hmm, I suppose it kinda is. Can’t believe I haven’t seen that in Lisbon… Just have to go back, I guess.

  15. Robert G 12 July 2011 at 1042 - Reply

    This looks like a fun game, Sophie. When will you do another one?

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 12 July 2011 at 1047 - Reply

      @Robert – glad you like it. Maybe tomorrow or next Wednesday…

  16. Kim A. 15 July 2011 at 1003 - Reply

    Oh, I love this photo. That looks like such a cool structure. Can’t believe I missed this when I was in Lisbon last summer.

  17. JCampos 9 April 2012 at 1023 - Reply

    Definitely, it’s the Belem Tower in Lisbon Portugal.
    Nice post.


    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 9 April 2012 at 1701 - Reply

      Thanks. Such a beautiful building.

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