Where in the world: Macau

Another Wednesday, another travel quiz. I’ve been playing with PhotoShop and ended up with this slightly distorted image of a famous structure.

Where in the world is it?

I’m in a good mood today, for no particular reason, so I’ll give you a first hint right away.

1. It’s in one of the world’s casino capitals.

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Update 31 March 2012:
I very rarely say Oh my god! But I’m completely overwhelmed by y’all. Here I had planned heaps of clues: one about how it was a colony of a European country (Portugal) until fairly recently (1999). About how it’s now a special administrative region of a very large country (China), about how another place just down the road was in the same position (Hong Kong). One clue was going to contain just the word ‘handover’. Another was about how its name is spelled 澳門 in the local lingo, one was about how it’s one of the founding members of the WTO – and another about how it has, interestingly, the highest life expectancy in the world.

But nothing was needed. Not only did so many of you know this is Macau – and specifically the ruins of St Paul’s, but many have been there! Without further ado, the honours go to:

Congratulations, all!

unesco logo

The Historic Centre of Macao is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Here are more UNESCO World Heritage sites around the world.

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  1. Ana (Ana Travels) 28 March 2012 at 2034 - Reply


  2. Michael Figueiredo 28 March 2012 at 2335 - Reply

    I know because I’ve been there! I only wish that I had digital photos of my trip. It’s the ruined facade of St. Paul’s Cathedral in Macau!

  3. Mary @ The World Is A Book 29 March 2012 at 0736 - Reply

    Ruins of St. Paul’s – Macau. Almost made it here and would love to visit Asia’s Vegas version one day.

  4. Michael 29 March 2012 at 0922 - Reply

    Is this in Macau?

  5. Bob R 29 March 2012 at 1110 - Reply

    I think it’s Macau. Because it’s definitely NOT Vegas. 🙂

  6. InsideJourneys 29 March 2012 at 1554 - Reply

    Pretty cool, Sophie. Monte Carlo’s the first place that comes to mind.

  7. Vera Marie Badertscher 29 March 2012 at 1602 - Reply

    St. Paul’s in Macau. I mention Macau in my post today. Since it was a rainy day, it actually looked something like this!

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 1 April 2012 at 0038 - Reply

      I noticed you mentioned Macau. Such a small world…

  8. arabesque 29 March 2012 at 1657 - Reply

    haha! none other than the ruins of st. paul in Macau. ^0^
    if not for the hordes of tourist, this is definitely a must see!

  9. Jessica 29 March 2012 at 1738 - Reply

    I have no idea what the building is, but it is a very cool picture. Also, I think a good mood for no particular reason is the best kind 🙂

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 1 April 2012 at 0014 - Reply


  10. Sabrina 29 March 2012 at 1750 - Reply

    Easy! It’s the ruins of St. Paul in Macau 🙂 What a gorgeous place. We went there a few years ago and I remember walking up the hill and seeing that sight. Beautiful!

  11. Lisa 29 March 2012 at 1807 - Reply

    Well, I can’t for the life of me figure out where it is but I’d guess somewhere in Monte Carlo based on the casino clue and it looks European to me.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 1 April 2012 at 0016 - Reply

      You’re right about the European look 🙂

  12. Leigh 29 March 2012 at 1826 - Reply

    How about Port Arthur near Hobart, Tasmania?

  13. Cathy Sweeney 29 March 2012 at 1830 - Reply

    I’m not confident at all about this answer, but will throw it out there. Is it at the palace in Monte Carlo?

  14. Laurel 29 March 2012 at 1920 - Reply


  15. I really have no clue but maybe Monte Carlo? Great idea though.

  16. Eduard 29 March 2012 at 2013 - Reply

    This has to be Macau!

    I don’t have a website yet, but will soon to blog about a nice trip I am about to make; from China by train to Sydney (except Singapore-Darwin..). Compliments for your interesting website!

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 1 April 2012 at 0019 - Reply

      Thank you. I’d love to travel flightless from China to Oz – or even Europe to Oz. Let me know when your website is up and running.

  17. Kurt 29 March 2012 at 2320 - Reply

    Ohh I know. Macau, Hong Kong.

    • Vi 1 April 2012 at 1048 - Reply

      You are wrong. Macau is separate administrative region and nothing to do with Hong Kong, except they are located close by to each other.

  18. Nancie 30 March 2012 at 0242 - Reply

    Interesting effect. That’s Saint Paul’s Cathedral in Macau. I was there on a very foggy, and rainy day a few years ago.

  19. Average Traveller 30 March 2012 at 0304 - Reply

    It’s Macau! I know that even though I’ve only ever been in the Casinos! One of these times I’ll get out and explore – hopefully you’ll have some more pictures to share.

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 1 April 2012 at 0034 - Reply

      Sadly, I don’t. It’s been a long time since I was there, 1994, when it was still a Portuguese colony. All the photos I have are badly exposed prints, and most of my then 6-year-old daughter. I’d like to go back and do a photo walk!

  20. Dick Jordan 30 March 2012 at 0312 - Reply

    I haven’t a clue, so I need more clues from you!

  21. No idea- I am so stinkin bad at these! But cool photoshopping!!

  22. Nate 30 March 2012 at 0722 - Reply

    Macau. Been there!

  23. Nate 30 March 2012 at 0723 - Reply

    Just in case, “St Pauls”, Macau.

  24. Vi 30 March 2012 at 1229 - Reply

    Macau, Ruins Of Saint Pauls Church 🙂

  25. Louise 1 April 2012 at 0021 - Reply

    Yay, I know this. It’s Macau!

  26. Catwoman 4 April 2012 at 0505 - Reply

    It looks like the Scala in Milan!

  27. Vi 4 April 2012 at 1318 - Reply

    It is easy to guess when you have been there 🙂

  28. Mark Hodson 19 April 2012 at 1116 - Reply

    It’s really the only iconic landmark in Macau, so not so difficult. You’ll have to make it tougher next time!

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 19 April 2012 at 1118 - Reply

      Yes, you’re absolutely right. This one was too easy 🙂

      • Vi 19 April 2012 at 1327 - Reply

        It easy if had been there. Otherwise you need clues to guess it.

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