After gazing at the destination board at Dubai’s terminal 2, Kish piqued my interest. Kish Island, as it turned out.

Kish Island
Kish beach, photo by Hannaneh710

In case you don’t know – I certainly didn’t – Kish Island is in Iran, and easily accessible from Dubai. Not only do Kish Air and Queshm Air fly regularly and frequently; there’s also a boat.

Kish Island seems like an easy introduction to Iran

Kish Island is a free trade zone and a resort in the Persian Gulf. And while I’m not much of a resort person, this seems to be an easy introduction to Iran, with the possibility of staying for 14 days visa-free. Although as a westerner, I may be sternly questioned as to the purpose of my visit.

Kish Island even claims a 7-star hotel – the Flower of the East. It seems Kish is competing with Dubai and Abu Dhabi, home of the world’s only two (self-proclaimed) 7-star hotels so far.

Well, I’m curious. Next time in Dubai…