About a year ago, Sophie’s World was selected to join Lonely Planet’s beta programme Blogsherpa. That means my posts are syndicated through the relevant destination on Lonely Planet. To show how it looks, here, as an example, is my post on Elephantine and Nubians as featured on Lonely Planet’s destination page for Egypt. And here’s Lonely Planet’s destination page for Dubai. Under the heading “Our favourite Dubai blogs”, you’ll find that last post on those crazy Dubai shopping malls.

Lately, all kinds of wonderful new projects has been set in motion, including a very exciting book project (more on that later). For easy access to the whole community, Brandon of freewheelings.com has listed every one over at World Travel. Here, the Lonely Planet bloggers will take you travelling around the world in real time. Warning: once you start travelling the world from continent to continent with these top notch travel bloggers, it’s hard to stop. Enjoy!