I leave for Zürich tomorrow.

The aim of this trip is checking out public transport in Switzerland and, on a more social note – hang out in the Alps with about 35 colleagues. Sometimes my day job affords some interesting activities.

I’ve tacked on a long weekend at the end to discover some new places and maybe some old. And the opportunity to be by myself for a few days. Sometimes lonely, most often a luxury, and really the only time I can get any writing done.

The colleagues and I stay in Zurich for overnight and dinner only; not really seeing the city, but OK with me, since I already know it quite well. We stay in the Western part of the city – the new, up-and-coming party district, I gather. Dinner’s at La Salle, a cool restaurant in a converted shipyard with a great glass bar on top.

Zurich is a good city to visit – just the right size. Never mind the smell of money. Want to try something different in Zurich, by the way? Try Blinde Kuh (Blind Cow) restaurant. Good food, eaten in complete darkness so you can experience being blind for a few hours. I think the waiters are blind, too. But plan ahead. Bookings are required weeks or even months in advance. THE place to go for a blind date in Zurich.

(The links for both these restaurants are in German only – but you’ll manage, right?)

(PS Couldn’t bear a photo-less post, so added this one after another visit in 2018! Where did those 12 years go!?)